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Sexy Schedule


I LOVE Dylan but this is actually in reference to my times changing somewhat. I am currently now able to log-in earlier than usual. So while I will still be available for late night calls, I will also be on more during the late morning and early afternoon…  Any call between 1 am-9 am EST will be by appointment only though unless you are lucky to catch me logged in for bonus hours 😉

Rise and Shine



Rise and shine! If your morning glory doesn’t have a snooze button and the rest of you needs a little extra jolt what better way to start your day than giving that dick a dose of TLC? It’s like a cuppa coffee for your cock. Plus there are many scientifically proven . . . → Read More: Rise and Shine

Fit for a Queen

How might you make yourself useful to me? What sets you apart from all the others so willing to bend to my whims? Can your flexible limbs hold up as a strong foundation for the ultimate in bodily objectification?

One of my personal favorite forms of humiliation and service submission is to treat . . . → Read More: Fit for a Queen

Can you Handle the Heat of Chastity?

Some like it hot and the heat is blazing in your cock’s inferno. Just what have you gotten yourself into when you signed on to this chastity challenge? Well you’ll just have to wait and experience it for yourself since words belie the rather excruciating ordeal that awaits you. Long term lock-up is . . . → Read More: Can you Handle the Heat of Chastity?

Giantess Q/A Round 2

Hello everyone! Some of you may remember that fun interview Q/A session I posted with one of my fave pets. Today I have more to share and in fact there will be a 3rd installment in edition to this coming soon. Enjoy!


If you could choose anyone from pop culture to . . . → Read More: Giantess Q/A Round 2

Sissy Erica Naughty & Nice

  Sissy Erica Both Naughty & Nice I’d like to introduce you to my new little fuck doll sissy Erica! She’s a wonderful addition to my collection of cuckies, cock-suckers, sissy cuties and other assorted kinksters. Fun Femme Facts to know about Erica: •She has a wonderful collection of lingerie and panties as well as . . . → Read More: Sissy Erica Naughty & Nice

Fiona Forecast

Your Updates for Fuck-tastic February:

*A Big hug and kiss to all my birthday gift/card/email well-wishers and present givers! Thank you so much. All my li’l pets make me feel so special.*


*New goodies from the Empire: NEW SITE Enchantrix Perks*

This is your new source of extra little events and . . . → Read More: Fiona Forecast

Happy Holidays!

Hello and Happy Holidays to each and everyone one of you! Thanks for the wonderful gifts, gift cards and well wishes. I will be in Ohio till Jan. 4th but am available for appointments after the 25th and in 2017 I will be back to my regular schedule of 3 pm -12 am M-F. Love and . . . → Read More: Happy Holidays!

Holiday Fun and Games

Here at the Empire we are always coming up with fun ways to engage and excite our pets! For the 2016 season We have Reindeer Games! (Check out the hyperlink for more info on Cock Control.) Don’t miss out on your chance to win big. December 11 is the cut off last day. . . . → Read More: Holiday Fun and Games

Your Sub MISSION if You Choose to Accept it


Feel the warmth of my soft flesh and delight in my sweet taste

you shouldn’t let an opportunity to worship go to waste.

Kneel and knead the muscles of my calves and tickle my thighs,

feel me tense . . . → Read More: Your Sub MISSION if You Choose to Accept it