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Girl Crush: Mad About Maya

Mad About Maya

Marvelous Maya

My first girl crush of Winter 2018 is a lovely lady I have enjoyed for years: Ms. Maya Ruldoph from Bridesmaids, and of course SNL fame. She’s smart, sassy and hilarious. Nothing is sexier to me than the ability to find and share humor and laughter with whip fast comedic timing. Her impressions are so spot-on, that she can capture the magic of multiple women at the drop of a hat. One moment she’s Maya Angelou, then Whitney, Diana Ross, Charo, Beyonce, Lisa Kudrow, Oprah, Christina Aguilera and that’s just to name a few! She sparkles the most though just being her cute self. Plus, I’ll admit I’m a sucker for her big doe brown eyes.

Marvelous Maya


Really awesome Maya factoid: Her mother is Minnie Riperton! Yes, that golden voiced songwriter songtress from 1975 single “Lovin’ You.” Minnie is a five-octave coloratura soprano. No doubt where Maya’s great singing voice comes from. How cool is that? Plus, her dad is a singer-songerwriter as well. A whole musical family!

Cock Hero Stroker Games

Cock Star

Ever dream of being a Rockin’ Cock Star?

Well, now there are more ways than ever to play a tune with your strummer stick. Enter Cock Hero Damion Schubert the self-named, “Dark Warlord of Game Design” describes this relatively new (circa 2009 approx.) phenomena in stroker videos as the “gamification of . . . → Read More: Cock Hero Stroker Games

Fiona’s Forecast Winter 2018

Fiona's Forecast

                        Fiona’s Forecast


Thank You!

Thanks so much to everyone that gave well wishes, notes, gifts and all manner of thoughtfulness for the holidays and my birthday this past Saturday. It’s especially sweet considering I have a birthdate following so quickly on the candy cane striped heels of a major holiday and yet . . . → Read More: Fiona’s Forecast Winter 2018

Toys to Make You Cream and Scream in 2018 Part 2


Continuing from Part 1: Toys to Make You Cream and Scream in 2018 Emojibator

Pick a Pack of Peppers for your Pecker’s Pleasure. After enjoying Emoji-inspired kinkery with 10 vibration settings and 3 different emoji choices that are 100% waterproof, you’ll never again use the chili, banana or aubergine/eggplant to punctuate your IMs . . . → Read More: Toys to Make You Cream and Scream in 2018 Part 2

Toys to Make You Cream and Scream in 2018

Toys that will Make You Cream and Scream in 2018 Part 1 of 2

Let’s talk about all the newest innovations in erotic toys that will be sure to add a little flourish to your fun and fuckery.  Here’s to kicking off the New Year with erotic intrigue and a playful approach to . . . → Read More: Toys to Make You Cream and Scream in 2018

Happy 2018

Letter from Footpuppy


The following is a formal request from one of my callers. What say you? Is he worthy? Yay or Nay?


This is Footpuppy. After much thought, I would like to humbly beg Mistress Fiona and her boyfriend to allow me the honor of becoming their personal foot bitch. I want to crawl . . . → Read More: Letter from Footpuppy

Guest Blogger Foot Fantasy

In a very general sense, you could call my relationship with Mistress Fiona “ornamental.” I don’t have much practical purpose, and she keeps me around because she derives pleasure from my presence. There’s a certain aesthetic to my service that simply appeals to her.

Of course, sometimes you could call me ornamental because I’m . . . → Read More: Guest Blogger Foot Fantasy

Merry Holidays!


Happy Harvest

Wishing you all a happy harvest and a kinky cornucopia of delights!


Spiced Cider Kisses and Warm Wishes, Fiona