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The Gilded Flower: My New Strap-On


Want to know my about my new fave strap-on? Maybe you can even indulge in a matching one, the same kind so that when we play it will be like I’m personally pegging you, my good li’l pet –right in the sweet spot…

Now for those of you strap-on lovers that know me well from our sessions, you have already been introduced to my classic three trusty dildos that I use in conjunction with my lace harness. And don’t worry they are still in my treasure trove of naughty delights. We just now have a new edition to the collection.

I like to call her the “glided flower”  (by Shiri Zinn) on account of that adorable artsy etching. What do you think? Isn’t she a beauty? Can you imagine how good it’d feel when I bend you over and make you beg for a good, firm fucking? If you are real good I might just personally introduce you to her in our next session. It’s time to take this sweet shaft out for a real ride 😉


The Sweet Shiri Zinn

The Sweet Shiri Zinn




Mistress Musings while in France





Highlights and Snippets From Texts About My South of France Excursion:

–There are cats and dogs EVERYWHERE! People keep an eye on them and even the strays look like well-fed house cats. The nature here is on steroids and everything is so colorful and surreal.

–Great Art Nouveau buildings nearby . . . → Read More: Mistress Musings while in France

Straight from My Mistress Mouth


Here are a few highlights and snippets from a long 2-part session on 8/15 & These excerpts were updated periodically while we talked and I teased:


-What happens when a pet confesses to a Mistress the most embarrassing task he was ever made to perform? In the newly dubbed Mr. Mumble’s . . . → Read More: Straight from My Mistress Mouth

She’s Back


Do you know the way to Sanary?

        So much more on my sexy Shenanigans during my VA-CA in Sanary coming soon!   Another Girl Crush blog post is on its way,  and tomorrow a special session tell-all with Mr. Mumbles!   Details soon to . . . → Read More: She’s Back

Bon Voyage




Hello my little cumdrops, kinsters, stroker boys, and gurls! I am heading to France and hope to meet up with the Lovely Miss Phoenix whilst there. I have lots of posts coming your way when I get back and have been very busy experiencing some wicked fun #kinky exploration  (plus I . . . → Read More: Bon Voyage

Creative Mistress

Hello Fiona’s pets! I am very happy to be here at one of my very favorite Mistresses place! I always enjoy how creative the sexy Ms. Fiona is with her blogs, tumblr and the Enchantrix Empire. Since she is so talented with all her posts, I can only imagine how imaginative she is . . . → Read More: Creative Mistress

Cum Cocktail with a Side of Panties?

  I have an adorable little panty pet that wanted a real challenge! Ms. Audrey and I has a blast humiliating him about his fetish for panties but apparently our laughter was addictive and he needed more.

 I never deny a pet a scintillating challenge if it gets me hot!

. . . → Read More: Cum Cocktail with a Side of Panties?

Be My Foot Fetish Pet

Do You Lust For Feet?

When you walk past women on the street, do you find yourself glancing down to see what they’re wearing on their feet? If you spy a bare arch or catch a glimpse of painted toes, does it send a shiver down your spine? When a woman crosses her . . . → Read More: Be My Foot Fetish Pet

Bondage and Restrained Cockteasing

CFNM And Bondage

Restrained and Teased… two of any Mistress’ favorite things!

Two of Ms. Christine’s favorite things are you naked and you in bondage! And then? Then I get to add in one more of my most favorite things – cockteasing! How much better can it get? Three of . . . → Read More: Bondage and Restrained Cockteasing

Sense and Sensuality


Why work for “the man” when you can dominate and deny him instead? 😉

Sometimes the softer side of domination has a way of hitting you the hardest. Sensual and oh so and sweet like honey that sticks right to you. This is a real specialty of mine since I love the . . . → Read More: Sense and Sensuality