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Special Guest Writer Dick Diddler



Everyday for a month I masturbated, One hour each day or more! Sometimes watching porn, sometimes fantasizing about sex. Sometimes lubed, sometimes not. Sometimes wearing heels and stockings, sometimes stroking naked. But everyday for one month I masturbated and everyday for a month I did not orgasm! 31 days edging but never cumming. Why torture myself daily through masturbation without release? To prove my loyalty to the alluring Miss Fiona.

June 1st, finally my day for orgasm! Not only did Miss Fiona give me permission to cum today, but she invited me over to stroke in front of her. It’s almost a 4 hour drive, but it’s worth it. I even masturbated during the drive! When I arrived at Miss Fiona’s my heart was racing. I immediately stripped down to just my stockings. After a hard spanking for being late, I masturbated but still no cumming. After 15 minutes of edging, Miss Fiona handed me a list of household chores to take care of first. After chores were completed, I edged again. Again Miss Fiona stopped me short of orgasm. I was allowed to pleasure Miss Fiona, and I’m sure she enjoyed her (multiple) orgasms.

Then Miss Fiona said it was time. She sat next to me while I edged for what seemed like hours! Each time I was about to explode, Miss Fiona stopped me. Miss Fiona told me to close my eyes, she had a surprise. When I opened my eyes my clothes were laying next to me and Miss Fiona handed me my car keys.

“I changed my mind,” she said with a smirk, “No cumming today, next time I promise…maybe. See you in another month!”

Balls aching I drove home and thought, “That’s the third month in a row she’s said that!”

-dickdiddler dave

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Special Guest Post Enticing Exceptional Mistress


Miss Violet is an Enceptional Mistress 800-601-6975Â FREE


Not a Fishing Expedition

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Girl Crush 3 & 4


Bound Babes: Gina Gershon & Jennifer Tilly


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Marcie Got Mindfucked

Marcie Got Mindfucked


One of the most insidiously erotic kind of kink is the mindfuck. The only thing better than a sensual brain bending cock teasing tizzy of a mistress led mindfuck is one that occurs within the subbies own subconscious mind.


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Giantess Fantasy Guest Blog

Hello my lovely little spring chickadees and kinksters!

I have a wonderfully written fantasy to share by one of my very favorite pets Chris. You may remember Chris from the awesome interview session he did for me a few months back. Please Enjoy this amazing Giantess essay with this excellent wordsmith.

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Dream Girls

A Dream Shared By the Ever Talented Alice

Back in the 80s, we had a Dodge Ram cargo van with a couch bolted in the back, lengthwise so that the back of the couch was against the side of the van.

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Just Kidding -Happy April Fools!


JUST KIDDING! Happy April Fool’s Day 😉

Girl Crush Vol. 2


Girl crush

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Professor Panty-Pup

Here’s a story of a Panty-Pup of a Different Kind….

So my dears as you know I have many panty pets that prance and mince about in frilly li’l panties and such but I also have a very interesting sub-hybrid of sorts. A panty pet that doesn’t wear panties but rather . . . → Read More: Professor Panty-Pup