Erotic Audio Ear Candy

Give yourself the gift of erotic audios.  I have compiled a combination of different little clips of my voice so you can sample what I sound like while I talk about various fetishes and topics. I also now offer customized erotic audios so feel free to email me for more information. Is there something in particular you would just love to hear about? Tell me and share your fantasy. Erotic audios are especially ideal for when you perhaps don’t have enough free or private time for a full conversation but still want a little tease or if for whatever reason our schedules just hadn’t meshed for a call.

Are you shy?

Some callers prefer audios if they are shy and I can completely understand why. When they request an erotic audio they don’t have to call in and we can do everything through email and online. This can be a helpful option for many. Although, I do love it when you call in and I can hear your voice, I get that it’s not always feasible for everyone so this is a great way to easily get some erotic relief without having to even use your phone. 

I can create and improvise a fantasy for you based on what you enjoy, or you can write out a full script if you prefer. We can also do a combination of a little of both depending on what suits your fancy. Some more complex and detailed erotic stories do benefit from the preparation that goes into the art of  erotic audio

By purchasing an erotic audio, you have a little piece of me whenever and whenever you want and can use my voice again and again for your guided masturbation pleasure on the go. You deserve the endless pleasure it can create.

Some of my favorite kinds of audios are sissy fem fun, scripted role-play scenarios, and meditation masturbation but I am open to everything we offer at the Empire and enjoy crafting audio erotica for you! In fact, did you know that I am now on every LDW Enchantrix site we offer at the Empire?  That’s because I absolutely love exploring all different kinds of kinks and just can never get enough of them. Perhaps there is even a fetish you are curious about but have not yet tried. Dip in your feet and delve into new dreams with me. I make a great guide. 


Multi-Mistress audios are also something we offer and I absolutely love playing with my Mistress Sisters.  


I am so honored that I was interviews for the Hot Spot Podcast! That interview was so much fun for me and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed talking about all the sexy questions and answers, jokes and anecdotes. Sensual Mistresses  Erica and Olivia where so witty and engaging:

The Hot Spot Podcast Interview 

A Mini Stroke-a-Thon marathon to challenge you:

Mini Stroke-A-Thon 

Beach Bums and Body Worship Mistress of the Week Audio Link

Audio Blog Post For Janet:

This audio was written by  the ever talented Alice Wonder. Thanks doll!

–>Teased and Humiliated

Audio Posts and Mistress Interview:

–>The Lady Vanishes (Halloween Post Excerpt)

The Lovely Mistress Constance interviewed me and we had such a blast. I just love her sexy laugh and alluring voice.

One More Sampling For Good Luck:

The very talented Mr. JJ is an author of amazing erotica and I have all matter of recorded stories from our mischievous collaboration.

More information available upon request regarding custom audios or ready-made fetish fantasies.

I’m always ready and willing to hear your ideas/scripts for custom audios!