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Revenge Part 2

Revenge of the Cuckquean Part 2

From Cuckquean to Cuck Queen

Adapted from a YIM Session with Dizzy’s Permission

Dizzy4259: Wait, what is FLR?

enchantrixfiona: Female -led relationship

Dizzy4259: So you started dominating him?

enchantrixfiona: That was part of it. The rest was really just a psychological shift of . . . → Read More: Revenge Part 2

To My Little Cuckie

To my little Cuckie Cum Eating Cocksucker

-Great to hear your voice again xoxo

So you think you are ready to be a cuckold? To watch your woman be thoroughly fucked by someone else? Caressed and brought to release but not by your hand? Careful now cuckie, that rich interplay of intense emotions ready . . . → Read More: To My Little Cuckie

Ready or Not….Here I Come!

And now what you’ve all been avidly awaiting…My premier launch into the blog-o-sphere!

So welcome one and all to my new cyber digs. Take a look around and make yourself at home. As many of you know, I am new to these parts and still getting the feel for this wonderful new world. Originally, I . . . → Read More: Ready or Not….Here I Come!