Femdom Worship Bath

Femdom Worship Bath    There are so many wondrous ways to worship your Femdom and a replenishing bath is an excellent way to do so. A Femdom worship bath is simple and fun. Today, I will give you some ideas of how to wow the Mistress in your life. Here are some tips...

Mistress of the Day Call Tips

Mistress of the Day Call Tips: I am all abuzz and so enthused about getting a chance to tease your cocks and clits tomorrow for my Mistress of the Day tomorrow! Here are a few tips to both my regulars and new time callers to get the most out of your ten free mins:-As...

Mistress of the Day 4/28/23

Cum Catch me for 10 free mins. This Friday 4/28/23! I cannot wait to hear from all my callers and any newbies who I haven't yet had the opportunity to speak with yet.

Day of Sissy Maid Fun

Day of Sissy Maid Fun Curious as to what's in a day of sissy maid fun? Oftentimes, my sissy pets wonder and ask me what it would be like to be my maid. The answer is somewhat complex as so much of it depends on what kind of sissy maid you'd be and what I'm in the mood...

Happy Holidays! 2022

This world can be messy but I wish you all the ability to make merry! It's OK that sometimes things fall apart because we have each other to help put everything back together! <3 Let's embrace love and kinky fun in 2023! Love you all, my pets!  

Reconnect Your Sexual Phone Fantasy

Reconnect Your Sexual Phone Fantasy

Reconnect Your Phone Fantasy Reconnect There are some magical words that don't always seamlessly translate from one language to another easily but part of their spell lies in trying to express the same meaning as closely as possible even if that means it takes more...