Session Tips

 Fiona (10)

Have A Call That’s Off the Hook

Defying Personal hang-ups: Tips for Pre-Session Planning

 Emails Work Wonders

-I love getting emails to prepare for calls. Keep in mind though your emails don’t always include your name and fantasy alias or may just have one or the other so please make sure to either include both or use the same one via email that you wish to use in our conversation/text session.


-Do you like crude/explicit language as a means of humiliation and/or to get off? Please let me know ahead of time as fetishes such as SPH, and hardcore CBT, BDSM, coerced feminization etc.  are an acquired taste and a conscientious mistress never presumes this is what is desired to explore as a default. I am more than happy to do all the above however I just require you ask first.


-What is off limits in terms of things you are definitely NOT interested in exploring, talking about or hearing? No fly zones and having safe words are always helpful and I will of course always honor your hard limits.

 Mistress Mavens

-What do you look for in an ideal mistress?


What are your preferred pronouns? I want to be sure to honor them. I’m she/her for example. I’m 100% trans-inclusive and LGBTQIA2S+ supporting. I want you to feel safe with me knowing I  strive to be an ally and will respect whatever gender(s) you identify as/with as well. I understand this can be fluid for some and set for others and it’s all good with me.

Let me know what jives well with you and I’ll adapt and apply my wiles accordingly. I offer a wide range of depth and can accommodate different styles. While I like to tease out things about you, it means a lot to me and really improves our connection when you first provide me with what your basic fetishes or turn-ons are by dropping me an email or having a quick intro session where we just talk about what you seek and how to satisfy whatever those desires might encompass. Otherwise be patient for me to figure out all your kinks. -I might just discover some you never realized you had.

 Turn-Ons/Prep/Types of Calls

-Elaborating on the above, what are some fetishs, turn-ons, trigger words to avoid, buzz words to emphasis and phrases to get you off? This is always helpful to set the mood. Set the Scene, with things that make your senses soar. Make sure you have a comfortable environment in which to talk and have any toys, scripts or ideas at the ready.

-What are topics that make you hot? What makes you feel alive, impassioned, excited, nervous…? What inspires you sexually or otherwise? I am perfectly content talking about any number of nonsexual topics as well and can offer good old companionship if needed.

-Are you looking for a quick wham-bam, slow and sensual arousal, long-term/short-term seduction, deep conversation, or just fun banter? Again, I’m game for it all, but you may wish to consider this before hand. The best connections and chemistry evolve in time so you can expect calls to progressively get more on spot the more we get to know each other. It’s literally different strokes for different folks and I never presume on size fits all.

 Tease and Denial or Tease and Delay? Ponder this closely I only ask this once   –be forewarned 😉

My  Personal Restrictions / Turn-Offs

I DON’T discuss anything illegal in nature and I DON’T use hate-speak/prejudice and/or racial derogatory terms/language of any kind. (I don’t mind cursing like a sailor though heehee but I’m an equal opportunist foul mouthed Mistress)

Other than that, the only wish I can’t accommodate is yelling/screaming. I can be stern & strict without the need for it. Not only is it bad for the vocal cords, it’s inconsiderate to my neighbors and pets (of the furry variety not subbies that is). That said, I’m open minded to anything else offered within the gamut of LDW specialties and delicacies.  This is more than mere phone sex, this is the epitome of ecstasy & erotic enticement!

See the Questionnaire as well

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