To my little Cuckie Cum Eating Cocksucker

-Great to hear your voice again xoxo

So you think you are ready to be a cuckold? To watch your woman be thoroughly fucked by someone else? Caressed and brought to release but not by your hand? Careful now cuckie, that rich interplay of intense emotions ready to come crashing down in a flagrant crest can knock you right off your feet.

She may be satisfied in ways you haven’t yet even dared to imagine.  Maybe an initial proprietary pride with overtake any anxiety you may have in the interim. Reality will form from an intangible imagining like a evanescent chimera that will evaporate before the sun rises again.


the actual flesh and sweat of it is suddenly all too lively to only exist in your wildest dreams anymore. It has taken on its own life . A man, strong and virile sucking and fucking YOUR lover. The sound, the sight and smell of their erotic interlude echoes with blazing realism and right before your eyes you are equal parts angered and aroused. The cacophony of their cumming both excites and exasperates you. Try as you might, you cannot avert your eyes. You are plastered to their enmeshed glistening bodies.

You tell yourself that logic will get you through. This is after all your fantasy, your idea right? Although it seems to have taken on a pungent potency  all its own. A spark of chemistry set into motion and it’s unstoppable, purely primal, raw and lurid.


Your body betrayals you, you can only look on in a trance stroking and edging to the rhythm of their primeval  pulse. She has never seemed quite so alive and vibrant to you before.


You sense something has changed. She is not quite the same. She has been stretched to her limits and craves something more now. A new longing borne from this experience has been germinating and it turns you on all the more to know you can no longer give her what she really needs and deserves.