Get Sprung Talking to Fiona

Enchantrix Update News Item #1

Spring Fling Trivia Night

I have some wonderful Enchantrix update news! The luscious Ladies of Enchantrix are doing another one of our terrific trivia nights! Join us test your Kink IQ and see how you fare. Our last one was so much fun and pets, I want you to know we had a FULL house of Femdoms and callers so mark your calendars for  March 21 and 8 pm and meet Us at Community Kink! All trivia will be sexy  but that’s the only hint I’ll give. 😉

I had so much fun last time joking with all my Mistress Besties and you all. Everyone was so engaging and how much you all knew about Us blew me away! You all studied our Mistress trivia like champs! Who will win this time? No matter what, everyone is sure to have fun.

Enchantrix Update News Item #2

I had a good little humiliation slut named Cody who asked me to share the fact the he gave himself a facial for me live on skype

Now, my little whore is going to have to do 5 more self-facial sessions with 5 of my Mistress friends or 5 times with me. Isn’t that hilarious? And of course he has to lap up every drop of cum as well. Next time, I want a little more CFNM action and to see him naked completely from head to toe! I’ll be nice and cozy in a cute little camisole and yoga pants though, just to keep him in his place. Nothing quite like being naked except for a coating of cum while your Femdom is completely clothed.

Hey Cody, I know you will read this which means you have to hold up your end of the deal and this includes 5 nasty embarrassing cum facials on camera that you will have to do now that I have written about you in my blog!