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Green And Glam

 For Fiona’s Femme Friends and Sissy Sistahs Ideas and Fun Finds Recycle, Reuse, Revamp Up-cycled Hosiery & Lingerie Green & Glam

Lingerie Bouquet


Have snags and runs torn part of your hosiery?

No worries! There are bunches of uses for old pantyhose and tights Just wash and let dry first then use . . . → Read More: Green And Glam

The Lingerie Five Commandments

The Lingerie Five Commandments to Cleaning & Care


I. Thou shall wash thy panties/bra after every use. This is in order to remove the body’s natural oils (and *AHEM* other bodily fluid’s residual cum spots.) You should always consider licking those panties clean  first -must not be . . . → Read More: The Lingerie Five Commandments

Fairy Goddess-Mistress

Fiona gives Wings to Your Dreams

Feminization Fantasy Cinderfella


You know you aren’t really a man, contrary to what you pretend or what society tries to tell you, you actually are so much more. With my help, you can undergo a magical metamorphosis. And really you don’t have much of a choice . . . → Read More: Fairy Goddess-Mistress