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To My Little Cuckie

To my little Cuckie Cum Eating Cocksucker

-Great to hear your voice again xoxo

So you think you are ready to be a cuckold? To watch your woman be thoroughly fucked by someone else? Caressed and brought to release but not by your hand? Careful now cuckie, that rich interplay of intense emotions ready . . . → Read More: To My Little Cuckie

And the Winner Is….

  My Cock Countdown Winner is…*drum roll*…   ~JB!~


JB is one of my beloved panty pets and a masterful stroker. I had many impressive entries but he out paced everyone else that applied.


JB lets me dress him up in frilly panties and we often shop online together for satiny, . . . → Read More: And the Winner Is….

Cage Contemplation

Chastity Champ Mr. S and Sage Cage Advice


 “I’m completely on fire for you and want to feel more and am excited to do more exercises in your honor. It’s not like this ache in my groin for you is going away. I’m honored you have put so much effort into this . . . → Read More: Cage Contemplation