Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 9am -6:30pm EST (Approx.) & sometimes 7:30pm -12am

Thursday- 9am-6:30pm & 8:30pm -12am


Weekends: I don’t work weekends or Mondays consistently but when I do it’s normally in the afternoons

I am also available for appointments outside my standard hours upon request, schedule allowing


My Schedule Is A Bit Offbeat So…

I have a very full plate of sumptuous entrees and creative passions that keep me busy and on the go but I am never too far from my comp/phone. So this means I am VERY flexible & responsive with emails and Yahoo IMs so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in setting up a particular day and time and I’ll do my best to accommodate your desires (if you’re a good boy). Even if I’m not logged in try to hit me up on Skype or leave a google mail message and I’ll get back ASAP. Please note that since these are approx. times it’s always a great idea to see if maybe I’m randomly signed in when I’m typically unavailable to play. You might just get lucky!   Catch me if you can 😉

  Being  a nocturnal night owl by nature, lifelong insomniac (& nymphomaniac 😉 ) works well with mistress-ing.  For special requests and appointments I  typically can make myself available to you as long as there is an advanced notice ahead of time.  Not being a morning person (I’m more like a seductive succubus that doesn’t even resemble human form  till about 9 am EST and after lots of caffeine is administrated) This means earlier sessions are doable but a head’s up is needed.