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Marcie Got Mindfucked

Marcie Got Mindfucked


One of the most insidiously erotic kind of kink is the mindfuck. The only thing better than a sensual brain bending cock teasing tizzy of a mistress led mindfuck is one that occurs within the subbies own subconscious mind.


Such was the case for dear Marcie but perennial . . . → Read More: Marcie Got Mindfucked

Twice As Nice

Twice As Nice

Sexy rosy lips, wicked little smiles, deep penetrating eyes,  and virtually every type of Goddess a mere mortal man-morsel could ever hope for. What is a little subpup to do when so many options leave him dumbfounded and perplexed about which to call?

Guess what strokers! You don’t have to . . . → Read More: Twice As Nice

Cage Contemplation

Chastity Champ Mr. S and Sage Cage Advice


 “I’m completely on fire for you and want to feel more and am excited to do more exercises in your honor. It’s not like this ache in my groin for you is going away. I’m honored you have put so much effort into this . . . → Read More: Cage Contemplation

The Lady Vanishes


       Carnal-Ville Funhouse of Wonder A-Mazing  Fun House You stumble out completely gob-smacked and turned-on from, the Mystical Mistress Meredith’s Dudgeon of Desire AND…..

You haven’t even regained your equilibrium when you catch a whiff of cotton candy freshly spun and buttery popcorn’s entwining aromas wafted . . . → Read More: The Lady Vanishes