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Tumblr Down the Rabbit Hole

Tumblr Down the Rabbit Hole

Hello my little kinksters! In past posts I have extolled the virtues of journaling and inspiration collages as a means to connect to your fabulous fetishes, enjoy your girly streak, or explore your personal style.

For those of you that require more discretion and privacy there are also online inspiration boards . . . → Read More: Tumblr Down the Rabbit Hole

And the Winner Is….

  My Cock Countdown Winner is…*drum roll*…   ~JB!~


JB is one of my beloved panty pets and a masterful stroker. I had many impressive entries but he out paced everyone else that applied.


JB lets me dress him up in frilly panties and we often shop online together for satiny, . . . → Read More: And the Winner Is….

Friends on the Spree : Dress-up Doll

Lingerie: Splendid Splurges & Urges


I have a friend named Skylar that I met through the wondrous Empire.  We exchange little teasing witticisms, tongue-and-cheek jokes, rant and rave about how Frederick’s of Hollywood is conspiring to take our paychecks from us.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our times together looking through chemises of . . . → Read More: Friends on the Spree : Dress-up Doll