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Your Sub MISSION if You Choose to Accept it


Feel the warmth of my soft flesh and delight in my sweet taste

you shouldn’t let an opportunity to worship go to waste.

Kneel and knead the muscles of my calves and tickle my thighs,

feel me tense . . . → Read More: Your Sub MISSION if You Choose to Accept it

Hacky Sack

Hacky Sack


Life Hacks: Ways to improve and simplify your life with little short cuts, easy ideas and creative outside-the-box approaches Sack Hacks: preparatory hacks for having more fun in the sack 😉


Body Worship

Yes breasts, backsides, feet, & the clit all get lots of play, and with . . . → Read More: Hacky Sack

Tumblr Down the Rabbit Hole

Tumblr Down the Rabbit Hole

Hello my little kinksters! In past posts I have extolled the virtues of journaling and inspiration collages as a means to connect to your fabulous fetishes, enjoy your girly streak, or explore your personal style.

For those of you that require more discretion and privacy there are also online inspiration boards . . . → Read More: Tumblr Down the Rabbit Hole

Casual Capture Rapture

I am a fan of Erica Jong so I mean no disrespect in this post to her tome of sexual adventures. However the whole “zipless fuck” –a term she used to describe what can essentially be thought of as an inconsequential fly by fuck essentially in her famous Fear of Flying . . . → Read More: Casual Capture Rapture

Serve the Foot Goddess

Serving Her Feet


In Tantra practices, the Goddess Sakti (Power) –Deity in the female form that is seen as the supreme power or mother of the all the energy of the universe that creates, sustains and withdraws. She is mother to Tantrika who worships her lotus feet.


It is said that . . . → Read More: Serve the Foot Goddess

Shoe Fetish & Twinkle Toes

Fiendish Shoe Fetish


I have a friend that is in lust with my feet. I never knew he had such a foot fetish until I had him over to watch a movie and I, as I always do when I arrive home, escaped from the confides of my ballet flats.

He’s also . . . → Read More: Shoe Fetish & Twinkle Toes