Day of Sissy Maid Fun

Curious as to what’s in a day of sissy maid fun? Oftentimes, my sissy pets wonder and ask me what it would be like to be my maid. The answer is somewhat complex as so much of it depends on what kind of sissy maid you’d be and what I’m in the mood for on a given day, however, I can share with you what it entailed for one very special sissy pet of mine and all the fun we had.

Domesticated Sissy

The Sissy in question is my pet Liddy. She’s a wonderful domesticated Sissy who is a fabulous combination of the Sissy subsets of:

The classic 50s Style Sissy Housewife & the Sissy House Slave. What makes Liddy a nifty 1950s dynamo is her love of always looking put together in vintage heels and red lipstick as well as her zeal for keeping a perfectly clean and spotless house running smoothly and effectively. The Sissy House Slave part of her is often demonstrated by her exemplary dedication. She caters not just to basic housekeeping niceties but all of them. She’s not afraid to go into the nitty-gritty aspects of deep-cleaning and adhering to her Mistress’ every whim.

Sissy Maid Body Worship 

We started the day with sissy Liddy drawing me a bath and bathing me head to foot while massaging every inch of me. Nothing better than starting the day out feeling the marshmallow softness in your muscles that comes from bubbles in the tub and a massage.

Sissy Maid Purse to the Rescue

After Liddy spent the morning cleaning my place and organizing my shoes, closet and kitchen, we went out to lunch. Unfortunately, I accidentally spilled some cranberry juice on my new cocktail dress. Luckily, good o’l Liddy had her sissy purse at the ready and a stain remover pen cleaned up the splotch in no time. Always be prepared with a purse of goodies, sissies! Thanks Liddy, you really MAID my day. 😉



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