Being Your Halloween Scream Queen Will Be Quite A Scene

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Tired to the bone -so you’ll be my throne!

What’s a weary little spooky erotic femdom to do? I need a break from haunting around all over town as I’ve been on my sweet little feet for far too long but I am willing to bet your face is the perfect place for a momentary respite. Wouldn’t you just love to be under my tight little warm body? You’ll be hypnotized by my big blue eyes putting you into a deep and dark trance. A spectral Samhain siren and prick tease princess has found her prey and there is no way you can stay away. Gazing down upon you you feel all atingle and dazed.

Face-Sitting on My New Throne

Then, just wait until you feel my my body heat pressed atop you while you squirm between my long legs. Looks like I have you caught in my wondrous web. Shhh…just relax and give in. There is no need to struggle. I promise you’ll enjoy my every squeezing motion as you feel engulfed deep inside my grasp. It’s time to body worship your dark Goddess as she queens you.


Don’t you love the sensation of being under my sensual touch? You can feel my long hair graze down on you as I lean over as I sit perched astride you,you hear my wisps of whispers, silky as ghostly gossamer my gentle voice tells you all I plan to do with my new little captive. It’s not like you have a choice.
Beg for more as I tell you, because you are mine now that you fell under my enchanting spell. Might as well just give into a phantasm orgasm if I so grant it. Such a little death would be like a kiss of chaos and your sweet pain that hurts so good will be my forever pleasure. You’re finally all mine so it’s time to scream out your ecstasy of this Halloween fantasy!

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