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The Gilded Flower: My New Strap-On


Want to know my about my new fave strap-on? Maybe you can even indulge in a matching one, the same kind so that when we play it will be like I’m personally pegging you, my good li’l pet –right in the sweet spot…

Now for those of you strap-on lovers that . . . → Read More: The Gilded Flower: My New Strap-On

Kinky Guide Holiday Gifts 2015

Holiday Kinky Shopping Guide 2015

Welcome to my 2nd annual collection of fun items to bring a little merriment your way to you and yours. The goal of this sexy guide is to give you ideas on what to gift yourself with as well as those 18+ kinksters near . . . → Read More: Kinky Guide Holiday Gifts 2015

Esoteric Erotica Part 2 Cont.

Ignore Fetish Part 2 Left in Submissive Suspense At Your Own $Expense$


…Continued. Part one can be found HERE

For example I have had some unabashedly open and exciting convos with my good friend all the while my little subpet just listened and occasionally whimpered from being denied. . . . → Read More: Esoteric Erotica Part 2 Cont.

Sissy Stocking Stuffers



From Kinky to Kitschy to Classy and Sassy

No matter what holiday you celebrate, December is always the perfect excuse to pamper yourself with presents!

So have you been bad? Caught licking and sucking a dildo perhaps? Or perhaps you’ve been very, very good and always listen when your mistress makes . . . → Read More: Sissy Stocking Stuffers

How I Managed To Destroy My Fave Sex Toy

The Rabbit –This is no Bunny to Foo Foo


Empress Courtney and our Sissy Maid Sadie where having a lively discussion on vibrators and the like when it brought to my mind, my very first pink vibrator. It was called the Rabbit and it had a vibrating “bunny” on the base of . . . → Read More: How I Managed To Destroy My Fave Sex Toy


Sex Toys from The Enchantrix Empire Poll: ” What toy are you interested in trying out or want to play with again?”


Laykor 12 Sided Erotic Lover Sex Dice for Party Game Adult Fun – 2 Pack Description:

12 sided erotic dice by Laykor. I bought the two . . . → Read More: Playtime