Mistress FAQ 2024 Edition

Mistress Fiona

I’ve been getting a lot of new pets recently and with them has come an influx of questions so I have some updated answers to some FAQs to share.

What are your favorite kinds of calls as a Phone Mistress?

I’m game for everything we do here at the empire but I particularly love cuck calls, tease and denial, playfully bratty SPH humiliation (think Mean Girls tongue-in-cheek type teasing), pegging, and I specialize in feminine fashion, Nurture Feminization Mistress calls and ignore calls (especially wherein I talk to another Mistress whilst you listen in on our titillating conversation, and body (especially foot worship) calls when my subbies please me at my whim.

When did you first realize you were a Femdom?

A very good friend of mine who is a lifestyle and professional Femdom noted my gently dominant personality before I did. She got me into domination initially as a way to pay off my student loans when I was still in college. I received a scholarship but still needed some extra financial assistance when I obtained my degree. Previously, I always thought of myself as more of a Type B but it turns out I am a type A, assertive and always manage to get my way.

It’s always just been a manner of managing to convincing others that my way was their idea all long so they don’t even realize how authoritative my mild demeanor truly is -even I didn’t know how subversively in control I was at first! She taught me how to harness and foster my ability to train subbies. And yes, I have and do practice in-person domination. Maybe I will share with you some of my adventures of my lifestyle if you ask nicely. 😉

How does it differ from how you dominate by distance?

Dominating by distance is much more cerebral, and deeply psychological. In the absence of physical presence, one must use other means to understand their pets.  A Mistress must use Her mind voice and listening skills to fill-in-the-blanks. This can make for a very deep and compelling connection with a subbie.

What do you find to be a common misconception about Femdoms?

That we all are of the hardcore variety. There is a full spectrum of femdom styles and not all of us are harsh at all times. I never yell or scream to get subbies to do what I demand but they do as I say. This is because they yearn to please me. It’s just not my style to stress my voice out by being loud and it’s a strain on one’s vocal cords to do so. So take note, if you’re wanting a session involving yelling, that is not something I do.

People also seem to assume a sweet, free-flowing disposition is a sign of weakness but realizing the steel that laces people who are able to be unflappable and calm. It’s always fun when they realize that I’m full of surprises and hidden strength.

How would you describe your Femdom style?

Deceptively sweet but demanding. I can be a bit of a chameleon and I think my style adapts depending on what an individual subbie needs to be their best.  I’m fun and flirty but firm and expect the best of my pets. I love teaching them how to reach their full potential.

What are the most challenging aspects of being a Femdom by phone and in contrast, what are some of the easiest or your fave parts of it?

The hardest part for me is being beholden to technology. Luckily, I do have a strong internet connection and solid landline as well as a backup phone. Whereas, in-person domination only really requires My presence and that of my subbie  No need for phones or computers. There is something liberating about that but I love the flexibility of distance-domination and not having a commute to the city so in a way the most challenging part also provides some of the easier aspects as well. I also love how I can work from home or travel for pleasure if I want to and still be able to connect to my subbies for sessions.

Do you have a wishlist so I can leave you a tribute?

So, we no longer have the regular wishlists through the line but I do have a PO BOX and listing on Throne if you are interested in perusing it. I also accept virtual bouquets.

Do you have any pressing questions for Mistress? Let me know!

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