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All Abuzz About Vibrators

Vibrator Star

All the Buzz About Cocks and Vibrators

 So what’s all the buzz about vibrators and cocks? What exactly happens when cock meets vibe? A recent email inquiry brought up this great topic. Let’s take a look at  an excerpt:

“Did you know that guys can . . . → Read More: All Abuzz About Vibrators

Be Our Guest


As we bid a fond farewell to Masturbation May, the kinky cast of the Empire already has new thrills and epic events lined up. We have to keep you all properly entrenched in desire don’t we now? Make those cocks and sissy clits dizzy and in a tizzy!  If left to your . . . → Read More: Be Our Guest

How I Managed To Destroy My Fave Sex Toy

The Rabbit –This is no Bunny to Foo Foo


Empress Courtney and our Sissy Maid Sadie where having a lively discussion on vibrators and the like when it brought to my mind, my very first pink vibrator. It was called the Rabbit and it had a vibrating “bunny” on the base of . . . → Read More: How I Managed To Destroy My Fave Sex Toy