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Be-Cumming a Cock Control Mistress

My Very First Cum-Eating Experience


I hate to be reduced to a cliché as much as the next person, but in one way I am very much the typical ex-catholic-honor-student-gone-bad. I was always a pristine example of the good, little overachiever, and in many ways still am. Except, of course, for the . . . → Read More: Be-Cumming a Cock Control Mistress

Cum Cam

Celtic On Cum Cam


“Celtic” is one of my fave cum-eating pets and you may recall a blog I did about him a little while back. Well, I am thrilled to announce  I was included in his 2016 Resolution to honor 5 mistresses Monday through Friday with 5 cum loads on cam (one each day).  After . . . → Read More: Cum Cam

Good Cock-Keeping’s Cum Cookbook


Ah the joys of cum guzzling. While I doubt you will ever find a Good Housekeeping cookbook for ideas and recipes, I know it is a dick-a-cious indulgence for many of my subpups and pets.

Here are a few ways to enjoy:

Take your peenie potion & make a invigorating summertime treat . . . → Read More: Good Cock-Keeping’s Cum Cookbook

Jumping the Gun


The only thing worse than a man that can’t hold his own liquor? A cum-slinger with a trigger happy finger!

I suppose I should be use to it by now. Guys that can’t keep from shooting their load are nothing new. It’s ironic in fact, that many people assume that being a sexy . . . → Read More: Jumping the Gun

Sweet Treat


Perk Up Your Pecker With a DIY Magic chocolate shell that hardens into a candy-like solid


8 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chips or chopped

2 tablespoons coconut oil  or melted butter

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract* (optional)

Use the top . . . → Read More: Sweet Treat

The Lingerie Five Commandments

The Lingerie Five Commandments to Cleaning & Care


I. Thou shall wash thy panties/bra after every use. This is in order to remove the body’s natural oils (and *AHEM* other bodily fluid’s residual cum spots.) You should always consider licking those panties clean  first -must not be . . . → Read More: The Lingerie Five Commandments