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Sissy Session

Sissy Session with a side of Humiliation

In keeping with the recent theme of Panty Pets and Sissy Missies I wanted to give a little shout out to:

Cody La Senza the panty pet! Cody is another little humiliation whore of us ladies of LDW. A communal kink toy . . . → Read More: Sissy Session

Tumblr Down the Rabbit Hole

Tumblr Down the Rabbit Hole

Hello my little kinksters! In past posts I have extolled the virtues of journaling and inspiration collages as a means to connect to your fabulous fetishes, enjoy your girly streak, or explore your personal style.

For those of you that require more discretion and privacy there are also online inspiration boards . . . → Read More: Tumblr Down the Rabbit Hole

Redux Style Part 2


En Femme Fashionista Find the Cream of the Crop When You Sissy Shop

While some couture consignment stores have the elegant ambience of fashion finery in the heart of your local cities, and historical districts, sometimes the ones boasting the best buys are hidden gems in the rough. . . . → Read More: Redux Style Part 2

Fashion Fixes to Winter Woes

Fashion Fixes to Winter Woes:  From My Mistress Mailbox (e-mail)

“Mistress Fiona –I love heels but they hurt!!!” –Kay

Well darling while it’s true that beauty is pain at times, there are a few cheats.

I like to use Dr. Scholl’s gel pads in mine. . . . → Read More: Fashion Fixes to Winter Woes

Sissy Stocking Stuffers



From Kinky to Kitschy to Classy and Sassy

No matter what holiday you celebrate, December is always the perfect excuse to pamper yourself with presents!

So have you been bad? Caught licking and sucking a dildo perhaps? Or perhaps you’ve been very, very good and always listen when your mistress makes . . . → Read More: Sissy Stocking Stuffers