En Femme Guide to Fun Cosmetics Facts

Hello everyone! I was reading up on cosmetics and how they evolved throughout history and thought I’d share some of the interesting facts I learned for all my en femme readers.

-From the Oxford Dictionary: “The origin of the term, “cosmetics” is from the early 17th century. (as a noun denoting the art of beautifying the body): from French cosmétique, from Greek kosmētikos, from kosmein ‘arrange or adorn’, from kosmos ‘order or adornment’.”

-As far as archaeologists know, the earliest historical proof of cosmetics comes from Egypt during the 1st Dynasty (31100-2907 BC). This is because there are tombs from this area that were discovered to contain jars of unguent. It was used to keep skin hydrated and moist in all that dry heat. In addition to that, they soon also added fragrance as well. 

The people of ancient Sumeria in Ancient Mesopotamia are thought to be the first to use a primitive form of lipstick. They would crush semi-precious stones and applied them to their lips to make them appear flushed by reddening them.


-Historians believe eyeliner originally came from Egypt from 4000 BCE. There, and also in southern Iraq, people lined their eyes with kohl. It enhanced their eyes and made them look more prominent. Importantly, it also protected them from the glare of the sweltering sun. It was also believed that by wearing eyeliner, they were protected from the evil eye.

-In Ancient Egypt, a deadly cocktail consisting of bromine mannite, focus-algin and iodine was used on the lips. It was not known at the time how unhealthy it was at first, but this is highly toxic especially when ingested in vast quantities. Thus it became known as the, “kiss of death” because it was unfortunately so poisonous.

-Leaves from the Henna tree were also used by the ancient Egyptians as well as Carmine. Carmine is a powdery substance of deep red color that comes from ground up beetles. Fish scales were sometimes used as well to give a shimmery sheen.
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