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Why does the Caged Cock Sing?



  …..For the Amusement of His Mistress of Course   This post is dedicated to my prized pet Mr. S. I want to give him sincere props and recognition for his accomplishment.  Cheers to you hun!   He has been in chastity for 6 weeks and counting! This is not . . . → Read More: Why does the Caged Cock Sing?

Honoring Thy Self

Honoring Thy Self


I often get asked the question what else do I do when not training sissy boys, humiliating cuckolds, seducing and instructing CE and teasing and denying lowly mere mortals. Well frankly a lot. It’s a busy fast-paced lifestyle when you are left to your “devices” (tee-hee) and scheduling.


. . . → Read More: Honoring Thy Self

Weaver Seductress

Spider Woman Sensual Meditation


Imagine you are floating and flying free and unencumbered. So light and liberated you barely are aware of the force of gravity.


Suddenly you feel bound and disoriented. Unaware of where the horizon is you seem stuck in a tailspin hurdling free fall style when suddenly . . . → Read More: Weaver Seductress