Subbie Assignment: Tumblr Down the Rabbit Hole

Hello my little kinksters! I have a wonderful subbie assignment for you:check on Tumblr and consider making an account. In past posts I have extolled the virtues of journaling and inspiration collages as a means to connect to your fabulous fetishes, enjoy your girly streak, or explore your personal style.For those of you that require more discretion and privacy there are also online inspiration boards to chart, plot and organize your erotic agenda. Tumblr is ideal for this for several reasons:

1. You can connect to your favorite LDW mistresses since most of us have tumblr accounts and this can give us an idea of your personal flair and loves/likes.

2. You can show off and shine by posting and sharing your fave pictures, adventures, quotes, GIFs and videos. From BDSM lifestyle tips, fashion look-books, dedications to your body worship art etc. -all freely and anonymously.

3. It’s yet another way to keep up with the bustling goings-on of our online LDW Enchantrix community events and cocktease masturbation material for strokers. We post links to blog posts, free chats and their dates, mistress audios, as well as Cock Radio program information.

4. It’s user friendly so you don’t have to be tech savvy to figure out how to utilize it.

5. Eye candy galore can be viewed and stored infinitely.

6. Shopping ideas for sissies and panty boys! One of my fave blogs has oodles of  beautiful corset and lingerie photo-shoots and links where you can buy them, as well as blogger tutorials on how to make your own lip-balm, jewelry and even life-hacks.

I have several pets on there already that do assignments there and post updates so I can keep an eye on their progress in between sessions. So what are you waiting for? Catch up and join the party!