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I crave your deft mind and soft, sweet voice.  -Longtime Caller Stuck in my Web

From the comment section of a blog post: Janet

Fiona, this is Janet, and I am simultaneously thrilled, humbled and touched by your wonderful, sexy, heart warming message.
I am seriously honored, and I feel such a connection to you. I think of you at work every day. Either smiling at the memory of your bright smile and intelligent, quick wit your love of faeries and kitties.
Or throbbing helplessly in your control as I remember you words and body and how you make me feel so special. Sometimes I feel both at the same time.

As you may remember, when I first called you I was still under the delusion I had “gone straight” and was looking to have some kinky but straight sex fun with you. Fortunately you saw through to what I really was and needed.

I’ve been obsessed with being Janet from Rocky Horror since I first felt sexual stirrings. She transforms from a repressed all American girl with a secret sexual overdrive into a total joyful slut. Owning her sexual power and feeling “released.” I was transfixed and transformed with her.
In my early days I felt urges but swore I’d never listen to them. I swore I’d never dress up as Janet in The Floor Show and strut around singing her part of the song. But I did. And once I did I couldn’t stop. So to make myself feel like it didn’t mean anything I swore I’d never suck cock, but I DID. So, to make excuses and draw a line I swore I’d NEVER, EVER take a long hard cock up my ass. BUT I DID. I never lost my attraction to girls. In fact, I loved and lusted and connected to them all the more once found out part of me was always Janet and I let her take over from time to time.

But then, stuff happened I won’t go into and I went back into the closet and Janet was silenced.

But then, I called FIONA. We connected, she got to know me and treated me with kindness, affection , amazing insightful comments, and kinky dominance when she wanted to. Make no mistakes, this lady is a tiger. We began to explore and I opened up to her and she helped me break my chains and feel good about myself, better than I have in years.

And now this beautiful, sexy post and wonderful, dream come true audio, THANK YOU SO MUCH !! I am enthralled.

I’ll let Janet take over and express it in her own way

I feel released
Bad times deceased
My confidence has increased
Reality is here
The game has been disbanded
My mind has been expanded
It’s a gas that Fiona’s landed
Her lust is so sincere

Thank you so much for everything,

Love you , my angel, my goddess, my Fiona.

From the enchantrixempire.com MS Boards:

 EMAIL -from M.

I just wanted to take a minute this evening and thank you for talking to me on Tuesday. I really enjoyed talking to you. To be completely honest I have thought about our call a great deal since it ended. Your voice was amazing and you are obviously an intelligent woman which was very nice to hear. In terms of the topic it was very exciting for me to explore with you. I am hopeful that I have the opportunity to talk with you again. As I said I really enjoyed just talking with you and hearing an intelligent voice. It was only my second time ever making a call like that and I cannot get it out of my mind.

First and foremost thank you for the incredible conversation. You are just honestly as cute as can be and at the same time so alluring. And I am a guy so I have to also say that you are a very sexy woman.With all this being said however it is your intellect that places you on a different level than all around you. I have said this before but your intelligence is just captivating. You are so very smart and thoughtful. It is just so amazing and refreshing. You are just overall an intoxicating woman that is from everything I can see the absolute complete package. I am just lucky to have had the opportunity to share a few words with you. Not sure if this came out right but I hope you get what I am saying.

Also please know I am not one to lavish praise often. In this case it is well deserved and warranted.  I was thinking of a couple of things last night that I would love to hear your opinion on. Plus I am not sure how much longer I can go without hearing that voice. To me it was intoxicating.

Thank you for the well wishes today. I hope your Friday is all you want it to be. I was thinking of a couple of things last night that I would love to hear your opinion on. Plus I am not sure how much longer I can go without hearing that voice. To me it was intoxicating. -M                                                    


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