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Captivity Kink: Casual Capture Rapture

Captivity Kink

I am a fan of Erica Jong’s novels. So, I mean no disrespect in this post to her tome of sexual adventures. However the whole “zipless fuck” –a term she used to describe what can essentially be thought of as an inconsequential fly by fuck essentially in her famous Fear of Flying heralds to a mindset that is in vast contrast to my personal views of sexuality. Yes, there are times when a dickie for a quickie is nice, but really what fun is it to rush?


Casual sex is an oxymoron. While of course two consenting adults (hell a whole randy party of them) are capable of thoroughly enjoying sex liberally and unabashedly, there is still an undeniable connection formed however briefly it may flicker. And no, I am not talking about love, or long-term relationship intimacy. I’m talking about something much darker and deeper…. That is, the connection that clutches you in a different way that far outlives the budding first rush of romance and intrigue is what I am referring to.

Pinned Down

A Mistress that will have you pinned down, not in some established exclusivity of a regular relationship, but rather literally pinned down in between the sheets. Regardless of what comes or doesn’t cum after, foreplay is still meant to be savored slowly –to simmer to a fever pitch before disengaging.  Make every moment count as that clock ticks and your dick drips. Nothing should be taken for granted since pleasure is not doled out haphazardly. There is no room for vacant actions, just your bare, raw need & lust-rous sensation leading the way.


This is where edging, foreplay, denial, and delay come into play. They are all a means to extend the shelf life of this scrumptious interlude. Maybe the reason people (men especially) like to pretend that a wham-bam is all there is to the art of erotica is because they fear they will become addicted to its siren song. This is understandable as physical attraction has bonds that creep deep inside. Worshipping a woman’s full body,  becomes what your cock craves. Isn’t that the fun of it all though? Playing with that fire of femdom?


Careful though it seems you may have fallen in the trap. You must now, take the time to properly strip and unzip for Me. Make a ritual out of giving yourself over to My Power. Striped down to the core, your most simplistic and vulnerable state and standing naked and needy. Everything in you is demanded in this dance. Bare it all and give yourself up to it. Every fiber of your being will thank you as I drink you in and expel whatever ravages are left after you are exposed to my erotic arsenal.


Before you realize what has happened you have been captured, consumed and owned by a Mistress. The fantasy’s progression has reached critical mass and has taken on a life of its own. Nothing at all casual about that connection now –that was just the dangerous disguise it was wrapped in. the ultimate sexual liberation for a demanding mistress is taking hold of yours. 😉