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Sissy Snow Day Challenge

The Amazingly Talented Janet Made This Lovely “Fiona Gets Her Wings” Portrait THANKS BABE XOXOXOXO

Sissy Snow Day Challenge


So the weather outside is frightful indeed here in the mountains of MD. As one of my lovely panty pets asked, “How many big cocks worth of snow do you have?” Well, depends on . . . → Read More: Sissy Snow Day Challenge

Fiona’s Blog Update

Upcoming News and Happenings for Your Kinky Consideration


New blog series will be introduced to my site: The Goddess Guide -Moon Centric Celebrations Honoring the Divine Female Energy in us all by celebrating different aspects, lore, legend in both ancient and modern times within and outside ourselves and the cycles of life.


. . . → Read More: Fiona’s Blog Update

Redux Style Part 2


En Femme Fashionista Find the Cream of the Crop When You Sissy Shop

While some couture consignment stores have the elegant ambience of fashion finery in the heart of your local cities, and historical districts, sometimes the ones boasting the best buys are hidden gems in the rough. . . . → Read More: Redux Style Part 2

Fashion Fixes to Winter Woes

Fashion Fixes to Winter Woes:  From My Mistress Mailbox (e-mail)

“Mistress Fiona –I love heels but they hurt!!!” –Kay

Well darling while it’s true that beauty is pain at times, there are a few cheats.

I like to use Dr. Scholl’s gel pads in mine. . . . → Read More: Fashion Fixes to Winter Woes

Flirting With The Five Senses Part 1

Flirting With The Five Senses Part 1


Inspired by my good friends Katie and my travel companion. 🙂


Recently it was requested that I do a post on flirting tips. At first I was a bit hesitant since it can be challenging to articulate the delicate dance . . . → Read More: Flirting With The Five Senses Part 1



Maid to Order 😉

Positions: Varied –you must be flexible.

Summary of Tasks:

-Vacuum while properly poised in heels

-Ethical spider relocation to the outdoors when found in the cleaning process

-Bed making

-Polishing . . . → Read More: WANTED: SISSY MAID