Fiona Forecast: Double Mistress Calls

Fiona’s Forecast is calling for Ahhhh-mazing April Specials!


As many of my little cumstars, regulars and sissy pets know, I absolutely LOVE Double Mistress Calls. Let me count the ways:

  1. It’s so fun to be able to talk to my Mistress friends and hear all about how you have been behaving for them. 
  2. I love learning more about my fellow Femdoms and I also manage to learn so much more about you all as well. We have so many new and gorgeous Mistresses and I’d love to get to know them all and share you with them. I also love hearing from my fave Femdoms and catching up with what’s going on with them.
  3. When you ask to hear my Domina gal pals and me swap stories about you, I get so excited! I know one little pet in particular who was thrilled and humiliated when he asked me to tell another Mistress about his high heel fucking experience. As, yes, I made him share all the details and didn’t let him forget anything. We both laughed and laughed and got our little heel fucker so flustered with excitement and arousal. So many kinky secrets and surprises shared.
  4. I find pets are extra open to trying new things, confessing additional erotic desires and are overall more submissive when there are two of us.  

I’m predicting many Two Mistress calls this month because this April, 20 Minute 2 mistress calls are $80. Or $11.80 off a longer call.


-Having a hard time getting rising and shining? We got ya covered with Wake and Wank: $20 calls for 10 minutes. Make the alarm something you look forward to hearing as it heralds the day and some Mistress-led fun. Remember, it’s good to indulge because sexy wake-up calls are healthy.


-Double Perks Points – Monday, April 15th is Double Perks Points.


-Our Mistress of the Month is the Lovely Ms. Rachel -I would love to do another sexy two mistress call with her this month. Wink Wink 😉

It’s Sexy Ms. Olivia’s Anniversary Month. Celebrate with her this April! Or, do a two Mistress call with the two of us. 😉

~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
Twitter: EnchantrixFiona