Twice As Nice

Sexy rosy lips, wicked little smiles, deep penetrating eyes,  and virtually every type of Goddess a mere mortal man-morsel could ever hope for. What is a little subpup to do when so many options leave him dumbfounded and perplexed about which to call?

Guess what strokers! You don’t have to choose. You can have a different mistress experience a day, multi-mistresses at once and endless combinations. Have mistress matrixes of radiant redheads, ravishing raven haired lovlies, bodacious brunette bombshells, and beauteous blondes or one of each!

For example, I just had a session with the gorgeous Miss. Britany that left our little submissive breathless & rendered completely speechless.

Every little giggle, gasp of disbelief, and sigh is magnified when you aren’t entirely sure which mistress is laughing and which is talking. It’s a mistress maze in your mind with only our taunting voices leading you on deeper into desire.

Really now, if you can’t even handle one of us did you really think two was going to be any easier? That’s what happens when men use their little head’s logic. It always gets you into all sorts of entrapments that you cannot seem to  get out of.

Just imagine, how nicely we played off each other, Ms. Britany’s pin-up figure and tart tongue cooed and consumed our little subbie’s will which was then compounded by my chorus of chortles. What was his little cock to do with not one but two cock mocking SPH Mistresses!

He was in a puddle of his own pleads and needs much to our joint amusement.

Cheers to the Mistresses of MindFuck!