Signs you might be a Cuck

Signs you might be a Cuck

How do you know if you are a Cuckold?

Cucked men typically find out one way or another that their wives/gfs are cucking them. If you suspect this may be the case, even though she has yet to come out and tell you and you’re growing curious if you are might be a cuck here are a few tell-tale signs to look out for:

Changes in Appearance of a Cuck’s Wife/GF

Your wife/girlfriend starts working out more, takes more notice of her physical appearance and starts buying more clothes. Lingerie, nighties, sexy little cocktail dresses and heels. The funny thing is, she never seems to wear her new goodies for you. She’s also wearing makeup more often and spends more time in the salon. Maybe she’s wearing a new perfume and get mani-pedi visits more frequently. The bills show she’s definitely buying enough to have purchased a whole new wardrobe. She’s always been beautiful but she seems to be playing up the hot wife look now more than ever.

When a Cucky’s Partner is a Busy Bee Suddenly

A cuck might notice the lady in their life is busy way more often than she used to be and generally seems distracted. Oftentimes, she comes home late. Even so, you notice she doesn’t seem to be stressed and is in unusually good spirits. When she’s not out, she always seems to be on her phone. Texting, talking, normally with AirPods so that you only can hear her side of the conversation and in little snippets as she flits around. 

Sex, or Lack thereof…

You haven’t had sex in ages. If you have had any intimate contact at all if you’re lucky (a lucky, cucky perhaps), it’s normally you worshiping her orally (does she taste a little different somehow?). Your sex life was always a point of contention between the two of you as she never seemed all that interested in bedroom activities or perhaps this has often been an area of insecurity for you which always made you fear that you just never measured up. Even thinking about sex with your wife/gf seems daunting because you can never be sure she is ever all that satisfied. Maybe you even wonder if she ever really fully orgasms at all and you feel inadequate with your penis and its girth, length ability to perform and/or stamina. While not all small cocked men are cucked, many cucked men have small cocks. There are of course exceptions, but it does often amplify the cuck possibility. 

What’s so Funny?

The sound of her laughter is more obvious. You hear her giggling and gossiping with her friends like she’s back in high school but they tend to change the subject or get quiet as soon as they notice you’re around -and that’s only if they take notice of you at all. You might even be starting to feel like a 3rd wheel in your marriage but there is, as of yet, only a vague idea or hunch that there is a phantom lover taking over. 

She’s In Control 

Overall, she seems so much more calm, confidant and powerful. She’s taken to being even more dominant than ever. Perhaps you always were a bit submissive to her will and wishes, but it’s much more extreme now. It’s almost like she expects you to always do whatever she demands. 

Putting it All Together

So, in conclusion, any one of these signs might not add up to you being cucked but when you add them all together it seems readily apparent something is going on and lost likely it’s that your wife/gf is getting it on with someone else. Conversely, it’s also possible these signs aren’t even apparent to you but still something might be going on. Still not sure if you are indeed a cuck? Call one of us Enchantrix Femdoms for our expert opinion -we have learned so much of cucks and cocks in our line of work and in some cases have personal experience in our lifestyle as well. 😉 
Don’t worry though, you may just get to find out for sure, learn more, or maybe even one day watch or participate. You’ll have to be a real good boy though and make sure you keep her happy as a clam. Since you cannot please her in the bedroom, you can pay the way and become the perfect little submissive cuckie. It might take time, this won’t happen overnight but with the proper training, you might just get to keep your wife/gf just don’t expect her to have sex with you anymore or give up her bull.  
~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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