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Gurl Talk 4

Gurl Talk


I had a wonderful session with the fun and sexy “CockSuckingCrossDressingSissyFag” aka CSCDSF. So vibrant, vivacious and dressed up perfectly for me we had a blast! Here is our Gurl Talk interview we did afterwards via email.


*The following is shared with express permission from CSCDSF*

1. What does . . . → Read More: Gurl Talk 4

Cuckolding Fantasy


Tonight is going to be special. You can tell because the exotic aroma of my honeysuckle perfume wafts from my vanity and taunts your nose. It’s the perfume bottle that I only break out for the rare occasions when I have time to dress-up and enjoy an evening free of responsibility. My tiny waist is . . . → Read More: Cuckolding Fantasy

Revenge Part 3

Revenge of the Cuckquean Part 3

From Cuckquean to Cuck Queen

Adapted from a YIM Session with Dizzy’s Permission


Dizzy4259: The guy you cuckolded with was a friend to you both?!

enchantrixfiona: Yes, he was a hottie that I always thought was cute but wouldn’t have thought to . . . → Read More: Revenge Part 3

To My Little Cuckie

To my little Cuckie Cum Eating Cocksucker

-Great to hear your voice again xoxo

So you think you are ready to be a cuckold? To watch your woman be thoroughly fucked by someone else? Caressed and brought to release but not by your hand? Careful now cuckie, that rich interplay of intense emotions ready . . . → Read More: To My Little Cuckie

Slim Sissy Tips


Slim Sissy Tips

 One of the many rarified thrills of being a tease princess femdom, is getting a new cross dressing girlfriend. This post is for my frilly sissy Sandra. She wants to be sure she can complete her corset training  despite the ensuing holidays.

 *Stay well hydrated especially before you . . . → Read More: Slim Sissy Tips

Of Mice and Men?

…More Like Of Cuckold Cocksuckers and Real Men


So my darlin, it’s high time you prove your worth to me. I want to push you to your absolute limit. You know that big bull that I’ve been flirting with? Yes the one that stands at 6’5’’.  . . . → Read More: Of Mice and Men?