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Co-opted Humiliation Kink Part 1

Co-opted Kink

To reiterate past blogs where I mentioned the fine art of sharing subbies I thought I should share a prime example of what I meant by the term Co-opted Kink. It’s simple really. As most of my devoted readers already know, I love working with my Mistress Posse and was quite eager when a . . . → Read More: Co-opted Humiliation Kink Part 1

Sissy Session

Sissy Session with a side of Humiliation

In keeping with the recent theme of Panty Pets and Sissy Missies I wanted to give a little shout out to:

Cody La Senza the panty pet! Cody is another little humiliation whore of us ladies of LDW. A communal kink toy . . . → Read More: Sissy Session

Esoteric Erotica Part 2 Cont.

Ignore Fetish Part 2 Left in Submissive Suspense At Your Own $Expense$


…Continued. Part one can be found HERE

For example I have had some unabashedly open and exciting convos with my good friend all the while my little subpet just listened and occasionally whimpered from being denied. . . . → Read More: Esoteric Erotica Part 2 Cont.

Spring Swag Basket Part 1

Let me help you swing into Spring the Enchantrix Empire way: Sex Toys!

**Special thanks to Lex for helping me decide which to include on my list. xoxoxo -You darling are a lifesaver and have been priceless in my endeavors !!**


Spring Bling

I’m sure you’ve heard of . . . → Read More: Spring Swag Basket Part 1

It’s Evolutionary My Dear

It’s Evolutionary My Dear Wanker Perhaps…  The Science Behind The Cuckold Kink

It has been hypothesized that there is an evolutionary reasoning linked to why the kinky cuckoldry fetish is more rampant than the status quo (that prefers to default to the stability of monogamous relationships overall) would like to admit.   There . . . → Read More: It’s Evolutionary My Dear

Of Mice and Men?

…More Like Of Cuckold Cocksuckers and Real Men


So my darlin, it’s high time you prove your worth to me. I want to push you to your absolute limit. You know that big bull that I’ve been flirting with? Yes the one that stands at 6’5’’.  . . . → Read More: Of Mice and Men?

Nightmare Humiliation Trance Dance Part 3

Nightmare Humiliation Trance Dance Part 3

That cruel accuracy and cold calculations of the ruler gauged you at barely 4 inches while hard. A huge “4” is indelibly scribbled on your forehead with red ink and slashed with exclamations and underlines for emphasis. Everyone was laughing with delight. The ruler wasn’t even needed . . . → Read More: Nightmare Humiliation Trance Dance Part 3

Nightmare Humiliation Trance Dance Part 2

Nightmare Humiliation Trance Dance

The alphas whisked me away to the VIP. You sauntered behind like a puppy hoping for admittance.

Upon arriving at the entrance to the VIP loft you saw inside all the athletes had glommed onto hot girls; Most in flimsy apparel, some in barely-there bra and panties. As you . . . → Read More: Nightmare Humiliation Trance Dance Part 2