Sissy Pageant 2024

Sissy Pageant Summer 2024

The flowers are blooming and the warmth of summer is upon us. It’s your turn to burst forth with color and beauty here in the Enchantrix Empire Community too. You can spread your petals in our Free Sissy Pageant Summer 2024!

Preen for the Pageantry

Pageantry at its best, is not about competition with others but rather challenging yourself to expand your world. It’s an opportunity to celebrate yourself, parade in the positivity of letting yourself shine, and playing with what’s possible. Enchantrix Empire is a community that wants to be present for you and support and encourage what makes you feel seen. Our Sissy Pageant is the perfect way to let yourself play and be on display in a safe environment.

It’s about letting everyone who wishes to participate, to have some fun, challenge themselves, and get to know other members, and Mistresses better. In fact, you may find you will learn more about yourself as well in the process. Learning to see your beauty and that in others, both inside and out, is what this is all about at its fun kinky crux. Indeed, having a good time is the goal because you deserve it!

Positivity in Pageantry

So much of society and beauty companies prey on people’s insecurities as a means to make us feel less-than in order to amp up consumerism  on account of corporate greed. The fact of the matter is, each of us are more than enough as we all are and have intrinsic value. The beauty we offer the world in our actions and that of just by being who we are is what counts.

We all have always had the power of beauty inside of us all already -just like Dorothy when she had the epiphany that her ruby red slippers would bring her home -no power of the Wiz of Oz needed! So begin to ponder upon what makes you feel uniquely beautiful and show and share with us.

You are already all you need but remember you also have the whole Enchantrix Empire Community for support and all us Mistresses to be your pageant pixie goddess-fairies. Even if you rather not be a contestant, you can participate through promoting positivity and cheering everyone on.

Create Great Memories and Connect

Indulge in all the freedom of being feminine and show off like the stars you all are. The Committee of Mistresses overseeing the Sissy Pageant have streamlined the application process and rules. You can participate with ease and focus on being one of the belles of the ball.

FAQs, Prizes, Rules



Everyone who goes through the pageant paces get an official sash/banner for photos on Enchantrix Empire and your social media. There also is a commemorative certificate of completion you can print out to remind you of your verve and vivacity in your willingness to sparkle for us all. Get ready to tell us about how you envision for feminine ideals and sense of self.

Remember it’s for Any and Everyone over 18 who wishes to join. It’s all inclusive!

Connect to the community and show off your fabulous selves.

Join us and Shine On, Lovelies! The Enchantrix Ladies are so excited to cheer you on and celebrate with you. Come and share in our excitement! XOXO