Gurl Talk


I had a wonderful gurl talk session with the fun and sexy “CockSuckingCrossDressingSissyFag” aka CSCDSF. So vibrant, vivacious and dressed up perfectly for me we had a blast! Here is our Gurl Talk interview we did afterwards via email.


*The following is shared with express permission from CSCDSF*

1. What does your dream dress look like? Do you have a picture of it?
There is really not one single dress that i would say in my dream dress. There are so many dresses i see that I love and would love to own! The type of dress I would wear on any given day would depend on the season of the year and the occasion.Right now with it being summer time sundresses would be high on my list of dresses to wear for day to day wear to help stay cool in. They are stylish and beautiful as well as can really help a Sissy to stay Cool on the hottest summer days!

2. Who are some of your fave fashion Icons?

I really don’t have any favorite fashion icons. I really don’t pay a whole lot of attention to whom it was that designed the woman’s clothes I love and would love to and do love to wear. When I am shopping no matter if it’s here at home on my computer or at a store in the mall I always just look at everything they have to offer that peaks my interest and then will look at the price and whom the maker is of what ever I am interested in purchasing at the time.

3. After a long or particularly hard day how to you relax and get in touch with your girly side?

Sometimes it’s listening to some songs I think are sexy about being and feeling like a real beautiful woman. Some nice love songs of meeting and being romanced by the hottest guys that I can think of weather they be guys I see as i am out and about during my day or guys I know personally as well as actors, musicians I think are hot looking as I am sitting in my favorite chair or laying in bed relaxing and maybe as I am pleasuring myself also!~Sissy Giggles!~

4. What is the craziest thing an LDW Mistress ever had you do for Her amusement?

Having me dress in my Lingerie,Wig and Make-up at an Adult Book Store and Blow as many Men there as I possibly could not being allowed to turn any Man down that wants me to Blow him no matter how small is cock may be and e-mail her a report on the number of cocks I have sucked for her.

5. If you could blow any celebrity/famous person/public figure who would it be and why?
The one and only Sir Paul McCartney!He is my idol and hero! He is just one of the most handsomest man that I have ever seen in my entire life!He has a really great personality and I just love an English accent! It’s very hot and sexy the way Sir Paul speaks!I also can’t forget how much his singing really turns me on also!~Sissy Winks!~

6. Have you ever have or dream of having an in the flesh Mistress/Master?

Yes, I have dreams of having a Mistress that I am her Sissy Slut & Slave 24/7!I have been the Sissy Cuckold for a Girlfriend I once had back in the early 80’s starting when I was just 20 years old.I do have some real life experience with being controlled by a Woman. Having a Master I am not interested in at all. I Love being Dominated and Humiliated by Women!
7.  Do you consider yourself submissive in other aspects of your life or mostly just sexually? Do you switch ever?
I am mainly Submissive and would rather be the Sub in any relationship that I am in,but I did have one Girlfriend in particular that loved to be the Submissive one in the relationship. I did have a really great time giving her hard ass spankings that she loved to receive as well and to other sexual things we did together. So yes I can switch if the situation calls for it,but I would much rather be the one Submitting to her.

8. Would you consider yourself a pain slut?

I would say I am not a Pain Slut. I can take it or leave it and mostly leave it,but I am open to being spanked by the Mistress as a form of punishment as well as the use of CBT. I do have that experience with CBT with the same Girlfriend I was with back in the early 80’s.
9.  Is there a fetish you never thought you’d be into until you tried it?
I can’t think of one.The things I know that I do not like I do not do. Sorry for the short answer here, but I am not certain of anything else I want to say on this topic.

10. When and where do you feel most sexy?

When I am doing a Skype session with one of the many Beautiful LDW Mistresses that I have had the Great pleasure of getting fully dressed in my Lingerie,Wig and Make-up for. At the Adult Book Store is a close second on my list of places. I really love to get all dressed up and show off for the Men! I do receive lots of great comments of just how much of a “Sexy Little Bitch” that I look like as the Men as it to me often!
11.  Any advice to those that wish to explore their sissified side?
Do not be afraid to follow your Sissy Dreams! The Enchantrix Empire is the perfect place to find yourself that Mistress to help guide you through any fears one my be having about being a Sissy and wanting be either partially or fully feminized. It’s been the greatest experience of my over the past just over 3 years that I have been guided by Mistress Christine to achieve my Dreams of being a Beautiful Sissy Gurl! I have tried other Fem Dom sites and this is the Best of the Best! The only regret you will have is if you do not give it an honest try and find out if being Sissified is for you!
Sincerely & Respectfully,
CSCDSF ~Sissy Curtsy~
Thanks so much beautiful!