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High Heels Throughout History


Heels have been a symbol of sex, power, fetishism, and fashion throughout time all over the world. While, like everything else, wax and wane throughout the trends of fashion, they always manage to come out on top. I have complied some of my favorite historical high heel highlights in the infograph below. Special thanks to Burju’s website for some of the facts within. Please take a look at it and know there will be a quiz at the end (no joke). Since I could fit everything on the PDF timeline, I have extra trivia listed below for your perusal.

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More Fact-oids on Heels

-When the Enlightenment movement was swirling throughout parts of Europe, heels fell out of fashion. The lavish designs of the Renaissance were no longer the trend and a more simplistic approach to apparel took hold for many people.

Heels became regarded in the same vein as witchcraft in the 17th Century in the US. In fact, on Massachusetts the Puritans made a law against women luring men into marriage by using the seduction of heels. Any who were caught doing so were subjected to severe punishment in the same way as anyone deemed a “witch”. I think we can all surmise death at the stake would have been an implied threat.

– In 1888 the first high heeled shoe factory opened in the United States making it cheaper to buy stateside as opposed to importing them from abroad.

-According to Vogue India: ” Salvatore Ferragamo, Roger Vivier and André Perugia have all been credited with inventing the stiletto, sometime between 1948 and 1954.”


-The 1970s brought Drag culture into the spotlight and heels fit for drag Queens were trending in many major cities.

-Heels so high you might get altitude sickness: The tallest commercially available shoes according to Guinness Book of World Records as of 2004, is designer James Syiemiong’s award-winning skyscraper shoes that stand tall at 20 inches!
-Today there are many celebratory events centering around high heels like the annual Halloween High Heel Drag Race in  Washington D.C. and the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser wherein, men literally walk a mile in heels to help raise funds to end sexual violence.

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