Tonight is going to be special. You can tell because the exotic aroma of my honeysuckle perfume wafts from my vanity and taunts your nose. It’s the perfume bottle that I only break out for the rare occasions when I have time to dress-up and enjoy an evening free of responsibility. My tiny waist is perfectly encased in a corset of sheer coral and black lace. As I line my eyes in midnight black, I catch a glimpse of you looking at me through the mirror.

Your eyes are filled with lust, admiration and anticipation.  You are pleased to see the new silver studded Louboutins you bought me gracefully placed upon my delicate feet. Then after I purse my lips and blot my bold, candy apple red lipstick, you come up behind me and slide a new diamond pendant on my neck as a finishing touch. It’s important I look just right…for Him.

Last time you didn’t quite fulfill your cuckolding duties and he was most displeased with you wasn’t he? He wanted you to ready me for him properly in something formal and  fitting with the swanky restaurant you were taking us. -Instead you thought I should wear a dress he had already seen me in. This was most unacceptable.

You paid the price though and I doubt it will happen again. You have been fully disciplined and have finally seemed to understand your fate -as a cuckie hubby with a hottie and a bull lover that will not hesitant to make you parade around in panties before being made to clean-up cream pies as I queen you, feeding you the leftovers of my stud’s juice. You are our little sissy sucker cuckold pet now and have come a long way from your initial cock sucking jitters. You have learned better than to  hesitate when you are commanded to give a pussy lickin’ or cock fluffing session. Isn’t that right darling?