Slim Sissy Tips

 One of the many rarified thrills of being a tease princess femdom, is getting a new cross dressing girlfriend. This post is for my frilly sissy Sandra. She wants to be sure she can complete her corset training  despite the ensuing holidays.

 *Stay well hydrated especially before you eat. It’s ideal to have a cup of water first to give you a sense of fullness.

*You can still indulge a little since it’s about moderation not total elimination. Have healthy snacks at hand or eat a little before a big holiday meal to curb your appetite.

*Grazing little meals throughout the day is easier for your system to metabolize than fewer large servings.  Focus on a protein rich breakfast/brunch that you can easily burn off throughout the day as opposed to consuming more calories in the evening when you are ready to wind down.

*Fuel your body with food that will give you energy. Iron rich leafy greens, protein-packed beans and low-fat cottage cheese are all great sources to leave your tummy sated and happy.

*Carrots and other fresh cut veggies can be made even better with healthy tzatiki or hummus as opposed to rich dips.

*Personally I don’t think it’s necessary or healthy to nix breads and pastas from your diet. The Mediterranean diet surely worked for Sofia Loren. As long as you don’t have any allergies you can enjoy multi-grain versions and even white on occasion. Yes, the starch is processed like sugar in the body but it’s still better for you than all the corn syrup infused options of say, salad dressing-drenched salad. Dressing is ok –but it can be rich and served in several more servings than necessary for flavor. So getting it on the side is best in order to portion control the amount you use.

*Fruit juice is fine to drink but keep in mind the body doesn’t process liquid calories like that the same way it would fresh fruit. So it may leave you hungrier than consuming fruit in solid form. The very act of chewing signals to the stomach that food is on its way which helps prevent excessive overconsumption.

*Still in need of some stimulation for your oral fixation? Well then a little cum eating humiliation will be sure to fill you up and burn some serious calories. Cure the craving by slurping up that cock nectar!