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Two On One Mistresses Having Fun

Two Mistress

Two On One Mistresses Having Fun


I have been lucky to have recently had two very steamy double mistress calls. One with the lovely Ms. Erica and the other with the sexy Ms. Delia and just Wow! What hot tamales they are! It’s amazing what a kinky coconspirator can do in terms . . . → Read More: Two On One Mistresses Having Fun

Mistress Musings while in France




Highlights and Snippets From Texts About My South of France Excursion:

–There are cats and dogs EVERYWHERE! People keep an eye on them and even the strays look like well-fed house cats. The nature here is on steroids and everything is so colorful and surreal.

–Great Art Nouveau buildings nearby . . . → Read More: Mistress Musings while in France

Guest Author

Punished by Sierra and Fiona By Alice Wonder -=-

I was Goddess Sierra’s pet, and proud to be her pet. Let me be clear, I was not her lover. I liked to dream that maybe someday I would be, and we did have a lot of fun together, but . . . → Read More: Guest Author

Mistress Meeting

  Domination Contemplation:  Kink Think Tank & Vixen Vacation

Hey there cyber subbies, did you know that the merry band of mistresses have biannual meetings in which we discuss all different top secret ways to better titillate, tease, and keep ya’ll on your knees?

It a special time to think about the stratagem of seduction, . . . → Read More: Mistress Meeting

Twice As Nice

Twice As Nice

Sexy rosy lips, wicked little smiles, deep penetrating eyes,  and virtually every type of Goddess a mere mortal man-morsel could ever hope for. What is a little subpup to do when so many options leave him dumbfounded and perplexed about which to call?

Guess what strokers! You don’t have to . . . → Read More: Twice As Nice

Mistress Misbehavin’ Magic



When multi-mistresses come out to play some subbies are gonna have to pay….


I have had quite the busy time as of late dominating with my fellow Mistress sistahs:

*The lovely Mistress Violet and I taught a little foot slut a lesson. We started by . . . → Read More: Mistress Misbehavin’ Magic

Why does the Caged Cock Sing?



  …..For the Amusement of His Mistress of Course   This post is dedicated to my prized pet Mr. S. I want to give him sincere props and recognition for his accomplishment.  Cheers to you hun!   He has been in chastity for 6 weeks and counting! This is not . . . → Read More: Why does the Caged Cock Sing?