Chastity Lock-tober

Looking Back to Lock-tober: What has Chastity Meant for You?

-For those of you who have participated in Lock-tober chastity, how did it go for you?

-Was there a special meaning involved for your reasoning in trying it with any specific goals, or particular self-set challenges in mind?

-Are you still in chastity now? Are you going for No Nut-November as well?

-Or was it perhaps something you wanted to try to do to please your Mistress?

-Were you locked up literally with a cage/device or mentally?

-I love hearing all about the “whys” that get my pets into chastity since the reasons are often as varied as the pets themselves.  It’s amazing how contemplative a little chastity can make them. Below I included a few reasons I have heard in the past that my pets have said I could share.

Quotes From Pets

-“Chastity helps me with focus, meditation, and motivation. It realigns my priorities and both makes me live in the present while also giving me something to look forward to in the future.”

-“Chastity helps me re-calibrate the intensity and appreciation of orgasms. It helps me cum more intensely after a duration of being locked up”

-“I love doing it as a sacrifice to my Mistress. It helps me feel bonded to Her even more.I also just love the feel of the cage and the “clink” sound signifying I’m in lock-down mode.”

-“Being in mental chastity is both frustrating and erotic all at once. Everything feels magnified. My senses are heightened.”

-“Sometimes I feel obsessed with getting out of my cage but then when I’m out I want to go back in again. I love the strange combination of conflicting emotions.”

What are your thoughts on those quotes? Ponder that for a bit and tell me what goes through your mind. Do you find yourself getting excited?

Why I like Being a Chastity Mistress

Chastity is a challenge that hones a pet’s dedication. It can be a bit intimidating for them and isn’t always something they at first think they will enjoy. So, when they go that extra mile and put their trust in me by being open to the experience and seeing it as an opportunity for deeper submission, it’s exhilarating as a Femdom to get to guide them. Finding out all the unexpected ways it can help evolve the power exchange between a Mistress and her pet is always a special treat. Hearing a pet’s need in their voice is so exciting and a major turn-on. I love knowing I can tease and deny.

How Long can you go?

Some pets are locked-in for short-term sessions while others like to go for long-term lock-up. Some may have chosen to do just a few days in October to be locked up. One’s time being caged up is all relative. An hour may fly by for some or a minute might feel like an eternity for others. Because of this, the actual time being in chastity is less important to me than what the experience is like for the pet. If even an hour is a challenge that can be just as meaningful as 3 days or a week. So long as it’s apparent that chastity is having an impact, that’s the most important aspect to me. That said, it’s always fascinating to see just how long one can go…

Chastity Phone Sex

I want you to think about chastity training and how a phone session can answer so many questions you have. Trying chastity teaches one so much about themselves and their Mistress. You may find an unexpected new kink that you never before considered.

Cuck Chastity

Sometimes, I  love to tease some of my cuck pets when they are in chastity by telling them what I’m going to wear as I get ready for a hot date. I even let them help me pick out what kind of panties to put on if they have been good and I’m feeling generous. The visual of me getting all dolled up while all they can do is hear about it takes them right to the edge. Can you guess my favorite color to wear when I dress up for cucking?