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Captured & Controlled Kink: Naiad Nocturne

You’ve already had quite a night haven’t you? I’m sure you’ve been enjoying some of the many, different kinds of ways to be captured. Splendorous Succubi, vampiric vixens, magical potions and exotic mushrooms?  Oh my! Luscious Lena’s Cum Factory of Horror was so incredibly fun! We have so much more in store for you yet. You must be feeling pretty worn out by now huh? Well, it seems you are in luck because I want you to just relax for a spell. Somehow, you find it just feels right to ease into your captured and controlled kink. You slowly get your bearings and see you have come on upon the curved lip shoreline of a babbling, cerulean grotto. The cavernous edge shows an overhanging cave. It echoes hypnotically with the distant sounds of a far off waterfall. As you hear it cascading throughout the forest’s floor, you realize you are floating into the water. 
The knobby trees knees trailing off the thicket, brush into the crystalline waters. The labyrinthine patterns crisscrossing into the lapping azure pool of rippling waves soothes you. The meandering gait of the water picks up speed as you careen onward. Meanwhile, you feel entranced with a building sense of inexplicable euphoria. You feel yourself floating atop the swirling depths with no sense of fear or anxiety. 

Captured, Controlled and Falling into a Trance Dance

As you float through the riverbed, you hear a melodious chime-like tinkling. And then, in your field of vision there materializes an incandescent gleam of lights twinkling along the stream. They are globular; the glimmering spheres of will-o’-wisps, glinting with luminous, pulsating lights all aglow. As they surround you from all sides and enclosing around you, as they teem from the forest canopy, water, and surrounding woods are teeming and brimming over with their bright warmth. The feathery orbs continue to dance around you and the closer they get, the warmer you feel. A tingle starts to grow between your legs and your arousal builds. What you thought was the soft chiming of bells turns out to be feminine laughter as the orbs start to grow and take shape.

Nymphs Emerge and Your Body Starts to Surge

The shapes take a nascent form as they move about. They turn into shadowy silhouettes of sexy siren-like beings encircling you as you flow atop the waves. They  twist, twirl and turn in sinuous, serpentine dances. It’s hard to tell if they are swimming, swirling or walking but as their lithe bodies undulate languorously, you feel yourself spiraling. Their slender hands almost look to be moving in silent, bewitching incantations. Unspoken words are like webs of whispers that you can feel, if not hear them. You realize as they motion with their hands and arms, because spidery silky soft yet strong as steel tendrils form and latch onto you. They are teasing and tickling you all over and around your body in intricate knot designs. All while the nymph’s breath-taking visages make you swoon.

  Twisted and Tangled, Caught in their Water Web

It’s as if your body is now being pulled into place like the strings of a puppet tweaked tautly in skilled hands as it acts accordingly. While you are hesitant to let yourself go completely, they begin to coax you closer to the cascading edge of a   coerced orgasm. Overloaded by the feel of them  wrapping around you and slipping all about, you feel your breath catch. The twisting of the webbing is wrapping around you like bondage. It makes you feel completely captured and controlled and so very close to the crest.
Your tenuous resolve to attempt to stay in some semblance of control teeters over the edge as your body slides and glides down a waterfall being pulled forward towards the whorl. Even though you are spinning through the water and your spacial awareness is pure motion and movement, your limbs are intractably bound and enlaced together. The spindly spooling web-like shibari (the beauty of tight binding) ropes are entangling you closer towards ecstasy. The water, movement, bonds and shadows converge and merge into an overwhelming sensation of throbbing need. Giddiness takes over as you delve deeper into the water’s falling finger-like caresses. The propulsive pulsation and force of the water is enough to make you think you’ll explode as the urge surges through you to spasm in submission.

And On You Go…

When you come back to your senses, you are beneath the forest’s canopy. It’s spangled with gilded gold and red filigrees of foliage, the burnished leaves play and crinkle in the breeze as you wonder what exactly just happened. The Mellifluous laughter melts into crickets’ chirps and on you go to meet with your next gorgeous Mistress Nadia, as the train chugs on…
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