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Sultry Sissy Summer Tips

How to Look Sizzling Hot En Femme While Still Staying Cool This Summer:

*Add a new summery scented body spray to your routine. You can create your own fragrance infusion cocktail! Tango with Mango, mandarin blood orange and honeysuckle essential oils for an exotic blend all your own. Plus your unique body . . . → Read More: Sultry Sissy Summer Tips

Conjure Color Combinations

 Conjure Color Combinations  to Set the Mood


What are Chakras?

Chakras is a Sanskrit word meaning “whirlpools/vortexes” which are believed to be spiritual (nonphysical) energy conduits flowing in and from our bodies in traditional tantric teachings (yes, they can also be used to entwine energy ports together erotically as well . . . → Read More: Conjure Color Combinations

Color Confection

COLOR ME YOUR COLOR BABY! More En Femme Fun and Frivolity Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions. – Pablo Picasso

Color Therapy is a wonderful way to connect to the emotive energy you wish to attract and emanate into your world. When dressing up, think of this as a . . . → Read More: Color Confection

Green And Glam

 For Fiona’s Femme Friends and Sissy Sistahs Ideas and Fun Finds Recycle, Reuse, Revamp Up-cycled Hosiery & Lingerie Green & Glam

Lingerie Bouquet


Have snags and runs torn part of your hosiery?

No worries! There are bunches of uses for old pantyhose and tights Just wash and let dry first then use . . . → Read More: Green And Glam

The Mane Thing

  The Keys To Loveliest Lady Locks: Hair Everywhere Putting the Tress in Mistress To all my T-girls, gurly hair harlots, and cross dressers, drag queens: Want to be a li’l Miss Tress?

So you walk like a woman and can talk the talk like a girl but need a little extra pixie . . . → Read More: The Mane Thing

Fairy Goddess-Mistress

Fiona gives Wings to Your Dreams

Feminization Fantasy Cinderfella


You know you aren’t really a man, contrary to what you pretend or what society tries to tell you, you actually are so much more. With my help, you can undergo a magical metamorphosis. And really you don’t have much of a choice . . . → Read More: Fairy Goddess-Mistress

Fashion Glossary Part 1

Fashion Glossary A-Z Style Designers & Terminology Part 1  

This post is for everyone. From panty boys to sissy missies, cross dressers, to transgendered beauties, transsexual gurls, mistresses, ladies and the those that love them,  fashion aficionados, lingerie fanciers and especially to the men that jut want to get into  women’s panties (literally) . . . → Read More: Fashion Glossary Part 1