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Up-cycled Hosiery & Lingerie Green & Glam

Lingerie Bouquet

Lingerie Bouquet


Have snags and runs torn part of your hosiery?

No worries! There are bunches of uses for old pantyhose and tights Just wash and let dry first then use to:

-Dust delicates such as glass, ornaments, and knickknacks that have many nooks and crannies.

-Polish & Clean old dusty candles.

Hosiery on the hose of the vacuum

Hosiery on the hose of the vacuum


-Find small lost items from the floor: Use with a rubber band and stretch the footed section of hosiery over the vacuum hose instead of using a separate attachment. Wrap the rubber band securing it all the way around the edge and turn on. Voila! Find small items like jewelry that have fallen without getting the item sucked up onto the machine.


Make Potpourri Satchels (tied off with hair bands or ribbons. I like to use organic lavender and cinnamon sticks, star anise and dried orange peels inside).

Pantyhose Rose Brooch

From Pantyhose to Blooming Rose

From Runs, Ruins & Rags to Roses: you can recycle some of the pretty pairs or nylon tights still in good condition overall that you can’t bear to part with and make them into roses! (Lacey hosiery works especially well)

Blossom Bra

Coming Up Roses

In fact if you are still in need of some everlasting blooms even in the upcoming cold months take a slightly worn or torn lingerie and frilly loungewear and invigorate it once again in a Blossoming Bra. Great DIY tutorial Not just for V-day 😉 I made one yesterday add a little romance and roses anytime of year!


Mermaid Chic Shell with PearlLace


You Can Also Use Gems, Crystals, Pearls, Lace & More.




Erotic&  Exotic