Pick Your Very Own Kink Fantasy

Inspired by the creative and kinky X-ray fantasies of my fellow geek, friend and sexy caller Ray <3 Can’t wait to make you that audio. 😉

Walking down the street thinking about not much at all and just enjoying the light breeze, your eyes notice something gleaming in front of you on the ground.You can’t help yourself, you pluck these bright specks right off the ground. They possess a pleasing, scarab-like iridescence and you are drawn to their mesmerizing shine.
When you place them on your face, they conform to the shape of your cheekbones and forehead so well that they feel not just comfortable but virtually weightless. As your eyes refocus gazing through the lenses, you notice everything is in high definition. Colors are more vibrant, and whatever your eyes land upon comes into sharp relief. 
“Hello there!” calls out a sonorous voice. You look towards the figure who seemingly had materialized to your left and see a gorgeous woman smiling broadly. She takes your breath away. Her blue eyes dance as she giggles and as you peer down her body you practically jump back in shock. She’s stark naked!
You reflexively swipe down the goggles to see if your eyes have deceived you since clearly, no one would be walking naked down the street in broad daylight. As soon as the goggles slide down though, you see she’s indeed not at all naked but in jeans and a little tank top. Were you merely hallucinating for a moment there? Or….were those some kind of magical X-ray glasses??? Not wanting to waste another second to find out, you once again pop the glasses back onto your face. Instantly, the woman in front of you is again exposed to you while looking through those wondrous lenses.
In all your excitement you realize you must be completely drained of color and look deathly pale because a flash of concern settled unto the features of the lady’s face.
“What’s wrong? Are you OK?” 

Your Kink Conclusion

Do you:

A. Confess that the strange goggles reveal her naked. As much as you wish to see her completely nude, you wouldn’t look without her consent.
B. Try to act nonchalant. You want to get some free eye candy on the sly of course.

Email me your answer to get your kinky conclusion. 

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