The Lingerie Five Commandments to Cleaning & Care


I. Thou shall wash thy panties/bra after every use. This is in order to remove the body’s natural oils (and *AHEM* other bodily fluid’s residual cum spots.) You should always consider licking those panties clean  first -must not be wasteful subbies! Cleaning after use extends the life of the fabric’s colors. Isn’t it more fun to get down and dirty when you start out squeaky clean? 😉 –More specifics in the Rub-A-Dub-Dub section.

II. Thou shall abstain from using fabric softeners!! The harsh chemicals can break down fragile fabric. 

III. Thou shall only Air-dry -not machine dry and gently reshape the fabric when applicable (molded/under wire cups). 😉 Gently shake out and squeeze excess water and place on a drying rack or on a clean towel -never ring out and twist though. Keep out of direct sun and heat. Press professionally or iron on the proper setting. Follow directions on garments labels. See the Legend Key Chart at the end of the article.

 IV. Thou shall give special attention to leather and vinyl/leatherette:

Leather Care:

• Remove small stains using saddle soap
• Polish with a good quality leather polish
• Use professional drycleaners for more serious stains. Store your leather garment in a well-ventilated area.

• Hand wash in warm water with a small amount of liquid detergent (I love Method from Target -it’s organic and gentle).
• Wash both the inside and outside of the garment then rinse thoroughly in cool water.
• Hang to dry inside out then turn to let the vinyl side dry & polish with of silicone spray. Avoid extreme heat and they should be stored individually in  garment bags away from other clothing to prevent color transfer.

V. Always get anything beaded, feathered, or bejeweled professionally cleaned.

If only everything was so easy to organize


Washing Machines are a no-go zone for corsets and under-wired garments. They can distort bras and tear the material. If the bra’s underwire pops out from wear, don’t discard them. You can reinsert & re-stitched to prevent the wires from coming out again.

In summary as long as there is nothing on your item that contradicts the indications from commandment V., and it doesn’t have leatherette, vinyl, or under-wire/boning, you can typically use a washing machine on the delicate cycle in a zippered washing satchel in cool to lukewarm water.

TOO HOT TO HANDLE: Hot water can damage delicate fabrics such as lace, embroidery, elastics and bindings.
• Wash dark, lights/whites and colored fabrics separately to prevent color bleeding.
• Soak the garment if need be with no-rinse soap but be careful with pre-wash stain remover (if needed). It’s always wise to test the fiber when using a new fabric cleanser on an inside patch or seam first.
*Hosiery & stockings can be soaked in a wash basin with mild soap or you can also typically clean them in a zippered laundry bag on the delicate cycle with cool water and hung over a towel to dry.

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My fave Fabric Care Wash


Bags of Organic Cedar -great to keep in your closets to deter pests like moths