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Erotic Adventure Part 2

Erotic Adventure: Part 2


Voyeuristically this as a new angle. Since I now essentially had a stand in wherein I could watch a smaller doppelgänger do all the sexual things that as a giantess I cannot physically do to my little pet. What a perfect little golem. Not to say she didn’t . . . → Read More: Erotic Adventure Part 2

Giantess Fantasy Guest Blog

Hello my lovely little spring chickadees and kinksters!

I have a wonderfully written fantasy to share by one of my very favorite pets Chris. You may remember Chris from the awesome interview session he did for me a few months back. Please Enjoy this amazing Giantess essay with this excellent wordsmith.

There aren’t . . . → Read More: Giantess Fantasy Guest Blog

Dream BIGGER Giantess Interview


-Eames from “Inception”

Chris, one of my very fave pets, recently let me interview him about his Giantess Fetish. I so enjoy his perceptive insight and ability to not just help me understand his fantasy but to convey it in such a way that is erotically intoxicating for myself as well. . . . → Read More: Dream BIGGER Giantess Interview

Gyrating Giantess Part 2

The blanketed moss of the forest floor is like velvet to the touch and I throw off my shoes with a mere flick of my ankles. I want to feel the cool kiss of their silky greenery on the bare bottoms of my feet and toes. Haphazardly I roam through the trees combing . . . → Read More: Gyrating Giantess Part 2

Gyrating Giantess: Part 1

From Gentle to Elemental

Gyrating Giantess; Taking Over the World  

**Adapted from a Giantess Phone Fantasy Role-Play **


When I first discovered this strange world within the seemingly melted mirror I thought I must have certainly been going mad. When the glass gave way under my . . . → Read More: Gyrating Giantess: Part 1