Masturbation May

Two Mistress calls are doubly delightful! To sweeten the deal, we have a special for Masturbation May in which all two Mistress calls are 20% off! Do you think you can handle two sexy Femdoms at once? I would love to hear you attempt to as you twitch with every sweet sound we coo out at you.

Some of my favorite types of two Mistress calls:

Ignore calls: -All the lushy Ladies here are amazing and I love getting to know them more with each call. When a caller wants to listen to another Mistress and myself girl talk, while they just listen silently wondering where our mischievous Mistress minds will lead. Just don’t assume because in such calls you aren’t supposed to talk means we won’t notice if you try to cum without permission though so remember that, you sneaky strokers!

CFNM: -For the brave souls that want to be naked on cam for their Femdoms and will show us on SKYPE just how vulnerable they are when naked. I love the pure power of having you under the command of another Enchantrix Vixen and myself. Watching you strip and objectifying you is so addictive. Brat Tease humiliation: Who doesn’t love to laugh? I love when a pet wants to make another Femdom and me giggle uncontrollably by confessing all their humiliating memories and hearing all their amusing antics when trying to elicit as many unrestrained belly laughs as possible.

Giantess Duo: -Just one LARGER than life Femdom would be intimidating but just imagine what do could do to you when we are huge and you are are itty bitty plaything.

Dress up & Cross dressing: Subbies who desire to be feminized by their Mistresses makes for so much phone fun and I love hearing just how another Dominatrix would get you all girly and dolled up for me and then trying to do the same in whatever outfit I pick out next. Bonus points if you put on a fashion show for us!

Get ready for Our Mini-Stroke-A-Thon

Tease and Delay/Deny: If you desire to cum, you have to convince us BOTH that it’s a good idea. How might you creatively gain permission from not just one but two of us? It will be so challenging to try and hold out especially for a longer session but it’s great practice for the Mini-Stroke-A-Thon so it would be a great way to build up your edging abilities and learning to use the key to making it through masturbation marathons if you plan to participate in that insanely fun game with the chance for prizes! I am so excited for this opportunity and want to thank the always enchanting Ms. Erika for coming up with such a hot idea. I know we are going to Wow you all and provide the sort of contest you all can rise to the occasion for. 😉

These are just a few samples of Double Diva sessions that I enjoy but I’d love to hear what kind of call you might crave. Share with me in the comments section what your ears yearn for. Have you been desiring to call in for awhile now but haven’t yet had the time to? This May is the perfect time to get your 20% off with twice as much Mistress energy. Or, have you had an amazing past session with two Femdoms you’d like to talk about or relive? I’m eager to know just what will get you all riled up. Playtime is best when shared so come and get your session with TWO Goddesses! We have so much more in store for you to make your Masturbation May mesmerizing so stayed tuned for more sensual and flirty fun.

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