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Bondage and Restrained Cockteasing

CFNM And Bondage

Restrained and Teased… two of any Mistress’ favorite things!

Two of Ms. Christine’s favorite things are you naked and you in bondage! And then? Then I get to add in one more of my most favorite things – cockteasing! How much better can it get? Three of . . . → Read More: Bondage and Restrained Cockteasing

CFNM Caught on CAM






As many of you know, I will do humiliation with pets once I get to know them and they make their wishes expressly known. I would never just go hardcore into that sort of domming without  being sure the sub-pup was turned on and excited by it. That’s how . . . → Read More: CFNM Caught on CAM

Good Naked

CFNM: Guide To Looking Good Naked How To Look Dressed To The Nines Even Whilst Donning A Birthday Suit That You Feel Is Less Than A Ten All It Takes Is A Little Inge-nudity!


Remember the infamous Seinfeld episode where the gang pontificates on Good Vs. Bad Naked? If yes skip to the next paragraph, . . . → Read More: Good Naked

Since You Asked…

More Q/A from Email Inquiries:


“What’s your type?” -Lucas

I get this question very often. I guess the common denominator of ALL my fave types of boy toys is they all possess the following: A strong artistic/creative bent, wickedly witty sense of humor, an open & . . . → Read More: Since You Asked…

Party Time

On a shall we say dare…..

I went to a party panty-less.  Well going commando on occasion is common enough, is it not? What was different for me was that this was the first time I was wearing a short denim skirt with absolutely no undies. It was as bit intimidating in that I had to . . . → Read More: Party Time