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Swept Off My Feet

“YOUR Blog, i really enjoy it.  It is the best of all LDW.” -SD


Keepin’ Up with the Jones

Wow, thanks so much for the praise! I must apologize to you and all my little darlings though, as my blog has been much neglected as of late. Between getting a . . . → Read More: Swept Off My Feet

Be My Foot Fetish Pet

Do You Lust For Feet?

When you walk past women on the street, do you find yourself glancing down to see what they’re wearing on their feet? If you spy a bare arch or catch a glimpse of painted toes, does it send a shiver down your spine? When a woman crosses her . . . → Read More: Be My Foot Fetish Pet

Giantess Fantasy Guest Blog

Hello my lovely little spring chickadees and kinksters!

I have a wonderfully written fantasy to share by one of my very favorite pets Chris. You may remember Chris from the awesome interview session he did for me a few months back. Please Enjoy this amazing Giantess essay with this excellent wordsmith.

There aren’t . . . → Read More: Giantess Fantasy Guest Blog

From Lust Till Dawn

Best Foot Forward!


So my main boy-toy Xander and I had what’s becoming our traditional midweek movie night. I had never seen from Tarantino’s From Dusk Till Dawn and lucky for me I knew very little about the premise which made it all the more fun. Now I don’t want to get into the . . . → Read More: From Lust Till Dawn

The Lady Vanishes


       Carnal-Ville Funhouse of Wonder A-Mazing  Fun House You stumble out completely gob-smacked and turned-on from, the Mystical Mistress Meredith’s Dudgeon of Desire AND…..

You haven’t even regained your equilibrium when you catch a whiff of cotton candy freshly spun and buttery popcorn’s entwining aromas wafted . . . → Read More: The Lady Vanishes

Serve the Foot Goddess

Serving Her Feet


In Tantra practices, the Goddess Sakti (Power) –Deity in the female form that is seen as the supreme power or mother of the all the energy of the universe that creates, sustains and withdraws. She is mother to Tantrika who worships her lotus feet.


It is said that . . . → Read More: Serve the Foot Goddess