A Sweet Treat For My Femdom Feet

Fabulous Feet

This weekend I tormented and teased one of my foot slave pets all evening by showcasing them in a pair of sky blue open-toed kitten heels which of course, he bought me. He delicately placed them upon my feet like I was Cinderella fitting into the glass slippers. After prancing all over the place as he followed close behind I made sure to have them teasingly dangling from my feet casually. As we had cocktails on the plush, high bar-seats that showcased my long legs and short miniskirt. My feet were all he could focus on and stare at during our time at the restaurant.

Stepping Out and About Feet First

There is something so extra causal and carefree about driving guys wild when they are into feet. It doesn’t matter if my hair is a mess, or if I don’t have a stitch of makeup on. Even just wearing comfy pjs, and yet still I feel sexy  so long as I have my little old feet. I know I easily have a captive audience with my foot fetishist pets regardless.
I always enjoy just how obviously he desires to feel my feet; to caress the soft flesh of the soles. Wishing that I’d run them up and down his face. He loves the scent and taste of my footsies no matter what but I prefer to have them properly pampered before I even think about letting him play with them. He says it makes him feel, “so submissive and like I own him completely.” He often begs me to tell him that I’m his Mistress and he will always be placed at my feet, worshiping every inch of me. It’s just almost too easy really! How can he  stand a chance against my every whim and wish? I’ve got him right where I want him!

Soaking it Up

After a night of running around downtown in high heels my little foot slave took such good care of my tootsties. As soon as I popped out of the shower, he had a soothing oat milk and rose petal foot bath in a lovely ceramic bowl all ready to go. It was nice and chilled to perfection to cool me off after my steaming, hot shower. After a 20 minute soak, the anti-inflammatory properties of the oat milk provided such a deep relief. He’s magic like that and always know how to ease my aches (which are many after all my working out for swimsuit season).

Massage Those Toes 

Next, he used a fresh scrub of granulated sugar, crushed strawberries, and olive oil as a base to massage them. He very gently tugged my toes and rotated them individually in small circular movements. The olive moisturizes, the sugar exfoliates and the strawberries have naturally occurring acids and vitamins that  help cleanse skin while protecting against free radicals. He then kneaded away all the aches and pains from the day with his knuckles while loosening and stretching out my joints. The firm, yet gentle pressure felt amazing. I felt like I was melting into his skilled hands. Even though I’m ticklish he never makes my feet squirm somehow. That’s a skill in itself.

Toweling Off & Teasing -What a Fine Feet Feat

A fluffy Turkish towel smoothed away the excess oil and brushed up the sugar and berries. My feet were positively glowing! Maybe the extra unused portion of strawberries would make for a little aperitif for pet before I let him suck on my toes or I could just deny and keep teasing him… but if I let him play he’ll have to start all over with pampering my feet again! Somehow I doubt he’ll mind though…