Serve the Foot Goddess

Serve the Foot Goddess


In Tantra practices, the Goddess Sakti (Power) is the Deity in the female form. She is seen as the supreme power or mother of all the energy of the universe that creates, sustains and withdraws. She is mother to Tantrika who worships her lotus feet.


It is said that worshiping a Woman’s feet in her honor will aid in the union of copulation. It is thought to bring good fortune in general. Plus, it is always, at any rate, in your best interest to please your Mistress.

The following are some basic tips to foot pampering to use with your Mistress:

– If the Mistress so desires, you may be allowed to kiss each little toe and suckle them sweetly.  Express permission is required.

-Bathing them in warm organic rose-petal infused water.

-Lightly exfoliate with pumice stone.

-Gently toweling them off with the fluffiest of towels and caressing as you go.

-Using a heated paraffin wax kit to coat and moisturize.

-Massaging sweet almond oil infused with lavender or whipped shea butter and paying close attention to the reflexology pressure points, the delicate arched sole, ankles, toes and everything in between (having heels on so often can hurt after all).

-There are also foot rollers that work incredibly well if you feel you’re not dexterous enough to properly administer a soothing massage.

-Mistress may want you to apply a clear coat of nail strengthener to her toenails as well or perhaps even apply polish if she is in a playful mood (just be sure they are completely dry from the massaging oil before painting or the coat won’t adhere properly).

-Be careful not to tickle Mistress as she may reflexively kick!

Mistress May Reward You

Mistress *might reward you with a tease and delay or tease and deny depending on how good a job you did. Or she may let you orally serve her….it all depends on the treatment of those little footsies  and her mood….

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