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Make Love Not War

Make Love Not War

Subversive Sex Strike

Lysistrata is a satirical comedy by Aristophanes that I just read recently and thoroughly enjoyed. Originally performed in Athens in 411 BC, it’s a tale centered around a woman’s mission to ursup the  embattled men and end the Peloponnesian War. This . . . → Read More: Make Love Not War

A Princess Cock Tease Doesn’t Always Aim To Please

Let my clarify right off the bat so there is no misconception. I am an Enchantrix and as such I love to tease that dick of yours. It’s amazing what that dangling appendage will do for  some much needed attention. That does not mean you can expect to actually get to . . . → Read More: A Princess Cock Tease Doesn’t Always Aim To Please

Flirting With The Fives Senses Part 2

Flirting Part 2 Fake and Flaunt

Regardless of if you are feeling sexy or not, you can still emanate allure with a confidant demeanor. Hold yourself upright –no slouching shoulders. Think of  Audrey Hepburn, the film ingénue and classical trained ballerina. She use to imagine an invisible string that she was suspended from and that . . . → Read More: Flirting With The Fives Senses Part 2

The Lady Vanishes


       Carnal-Ville Funhouse of Wonder A-Mazing  Fun House You stumble out completely gob-smacked and turned-on from, the Mystical Mistress Meredith’s Dudgeon of Desire AND…..

You haven’t even regained your equilibrium when you catch a whiff of cotton candy freshly spun and buttery popcorn’s entwining aromas wafted . . . → Read More: The Lady Vanishes

Spellbound By My Siren Song

   Prisoner of Passion Let me take you on a phone fantasy that will thrill and induce a meditative dream-like state of arousal….  

Imagine serene Caribbean blue waves glinting in the rippling wind. You are floating, freely bobbing up and down the sea of tranquility. As the sun sinks into the horizon . . . → Read More: Spellbound By My Siren Song

Better with Age

Fermented Like Fine Wine


I have a confession to make. I have always had an affinity for older men. They are so flavorful, fermented like fine wine, and worldly in ways that boys my own age lack.

It’s such a rush to have a man seen to the outside world as possessing . . . → Read More: Better with Age